Ajwain Digestive Halwa Health Benefits for Female

Ajwain Digestive Halwa Health Benefits for Female its Good for Uterus

Ajwain Seed (Omam) - 1/2 Cup Gingelly Oil - 1-4 Cup Jaggery 3/4 Cup


1. Wash Twice and Soak Ajwain Seed for 4 to 5 hours 2. Filter the Ajwain seeds 3. Add Jaggery to a pan with 1/4 cup of Water Boil the Jagger until its melt allow it to cool for few minutes. Filter the jaggery melted water.

Take a Mixi Jar and add Ajwain soaked seeds and melted jaggery water and make it into a Fine Paste. Add this paste in to a dry pan allow it to boil and stir well in Medium Flame.

Add Gingelly Oil little by little. Cook until the Ajwain seed paste splits Oil separately (Aprox. 45 minutes)

Now the Healthy Ajwain Seeds Halwa is ready, its having amazing health benefits. Its cures indigestion, inflammation, gastric, bloating, and to lose weight. Ajwain Halwa (Omam Kali) also helps to strengthen the Uterus.