Based on your zodiac sign The List of Pet for you

In light of this, determining which adorable creature you'll be bringing into your life might be decided by considering which pets complement your zodiac sign. Are you ready for a pet? Discover the ideal pet for you depending on your zodiac sign

Aries - Ferret Aries - Border Collie

Taurus - Hamster Taurus - Tortoise

Gemini - Parrot Gemini - Parakeet

Cancer - Hedgehog Cancer - Himalayan cat

Leo - Chicken Leo - Bengal cat

Virgo - Greyhound Virgo - Fish

Libra - Rabbit Libra - Lovebird

Scorpio - Snake Scorpio - Lizard

Sagittarius - Horse Sagittarius - Australian Shepherd Sagittarius - Senior cat

Capricorn - Guinea pig Capricorn - Rabbit

Aquarius - Lizard Aquarius - Cockatiel Aquarius - Pig

Pisces - Fish Pisces - Senior dog Pisces - Maine Coon cat