Djokovic missing U.S. Open

It would be "a joke" if Djokovic missed the U.S. Open due to his COVID vaccination status.

Due to current U.S. regulations requiring travelers to provide confirmation . McEnroe Djokovic has refused the inoculation and seems destined to miss the year's last Grand Slam

The Serbian earlier stated that he was ready to skip Grand Slam competitions where participation in players required a COVID-19 vaccination. 

Djokovic is still listed as a competitor for the New York tournament that runs from August 29 to September 11.

On Tuesday, McEnroe told reporters, "I don't think it's fair. "I believe it to be a joke." I would have gotten the shot and gone outside to play, but he has really firm opinions, and you have to respect that.

Because to his deportation from the nation in January due to his immunization status, Djokovic was unable to successfully defend his Australian Open title this year.

Rafa Nadal won the Melbourne event to surpass Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. Then, after winning the French Open, Nadal added another Grand Slam championship to his resume, maintaining his lead over Djokovic, who had previously won Wimbledon.

"Rafa Nadal has undoubtedly benefited from that. You might believe, blew a chance if a person has won the Australian Open eight or nine times.

"These three men are already superior to all others. Few in Australia anticipated Rafa's remarkable victory, which he was able to pull off. When Novak arrived at Wimbledon, Rafa was injured.