Glen Powell of Maverick responds to rumors

Glen Powell of Maverick responds to rumors that he would play Cyclops in Marvel's X-Men.

Glen Powell of Maverick has received a lot of attention since playing "Hangman" in the eagerly anticipated sequel.

 The star's career seems to be in overdrive right now because his name is being associated with numerous ventures. 

Powell's name has been associated with the big M - Marvel, as is common for rising stars after a success in their careers.

In response to rumors from fans that he will play Cyclops in the next Marvel X-Men revival, Powell has now made a statement.

Glen Powell would be a good choice to play the mutant with the optic blast, despite the fact that he initially seemed astonished by the Cyclops reports.

 Although the actor played a sort of adversary in the Top Gun sequel, he actually seems to suit the stereotype of the classic hero as a kind and methodical strategic leader.

He has portrayed characters who are similar in movies like Hidden Figures, which undoubtedly allowed him to display his more sincere side.