Health benefits of Cucumis sativus Also Known Cucumber

Cucumber is a member of Cucurbitaceae family comprising 90 genera and 750 species. Cucumber is a Annual and day neutral plant.

Cucumber is High in water content amd ot helps us to keep body hydrated. Its also consumed as  a salad of pickle form.

Prevents premature aging, reduces swelling and puffiness, manages acne, soothes skin irritation, and provides a base for hydration. Reduces Skin Inflammation; blocks Free Radicals; and prevents aging. The Skin Tightens With Cucumbers.

Benefits Of Cucumber For Skin

1. Hydration 2. Antioxidants 3. Skin health 4.Essential nutrients 5. Helps for Overall health 6. Growth and development

Benefits Of Cucumber For Infants

1. High water content 2. Rich in B vitamins 3. Essential micronutrients 4.Electrolytes 5. Fiber 6. Essential micronutrients

Benefits Of Cucumber in pregnance

Cucumber juice is a very hydrating and alkalizing beverage that is full of vitamins A, C, and K, magnesium, silicon, and potassium.

Benefits Of Cucumber Juice

 It has the power to detoxify and cleanse the entire body in addition to aiding in the relief of digestive issues like gastritis, acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion, and ulcers.

Benefits Of Cucumber Juice