Starlink cuts the cost of  Monthly Subscriptions

Starlink cuts the cost of many people's monthly subscriptions.

Customers of SpaceX's Starlink, Elon Musk's internet-from-space service, are being informed with good news: their monthly subscription fees have been decreased due to "local market conditions."

At a time when everything else is becoming more expensive owing to inflation, the price reduction is appreciated. The notice states that the price drop "factors in your local market conditions and is intended to represent parity in purchasing power across our consumers."

Less is known about the situation in the US, where the dollar has been rising sharply against other currencies. 

Although Starlink's own pages still display a monthly subscription price of $110 following a one-time $599 purchase of the hardware kit, an individual in Nevada claims to have received a discount of $85 (was $110). Others who identify as Americans comment that they haven't seen any price reductions.

As of now, there has been no indication of a speed drop or the implementation of stringent data limits as a result of the discounted subscriptions.

Elon Musk will be present at a joint event hosted by SpaceX and T-Mobile later today to reveal plans to "improve connectivity." It's unclear whether the incident is connected to the revised cost.