How Does infrared rays therapy helps Your Body ?

Deeply penetrating your body (2–7 mm), infrared light can reach your muscles, nerves, bones, and even the inner layers of your skin.

Then, IR increases local blood circulation, which brings more painkillers and therapeutic nutrients to the area and encourages a purifying sweat.

The body works by transmitting treatment for a variety of purposes

Detoxification, pain alleviation, reduced muscular tension, relaxation, enhanced circulation, weight loss, skin cleansing, lower diabetes side effects, immune system boosting.

Benefits of infra red rays

1. Long Lasting Pain Relief 2. Lowering Blood Pressure 3. Stress Releif & Sleep Problem 4. Peripheral Neuropathy 5. Fibromyalgia

Benefits of infra red rays

6.Raising Low Body Teperature 7. Boosting Immunity & Cancer Healing 8. Brain Injuries 9. Weight Loss 10. Allergic Rhinitis

Benefits of infra red rays

11.Full Body Detox 12. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 13. Chronic Wound  Healing 14. Injuiry Recovery