Tremendous Health Benefits of Drinking BlackBerry Wine 

Have you ever heard of blackberry wine? Could this wine have the same benefits as red wine?

Have you ever heard of blackberry wine? Could this wine have the same benefits as red wine?

Thinking of that, researchers from well known University decided to study some wines made from blackberry and blueberry.

Analyzing the bioactive compounds of these wines, the research team found that they can control diabetes, giving diabetic people a tasty option to reduce their blood sugar.

Blackberry is rich in vitamins, minerals, and natural antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties and fiber.

This berry improves blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and bones, favors eye health, is a source of iron, and prevents premature aging, neurological diseases, and inflammation.

Ingredients: 5.5 lbs of ripe blackberries 7 ounces of crystal sugar 2 ounces of sugar

To make your wine, start by rinsing the blackberries. Then, put them in a clean plastic basin and mash them with a wooden or silicone spatula to extract the juices

Next, transfer the juice and berries to a 1.3-gallon bottle – you can use the ones used for mineral water. If you don't have a big bottle, separate the contents juice and blackberries into two smaller bottles.

Add the sugar, close the bottle, and shake a little – if you use more than one bottle, divide the 7 ounces of sugar proportional to the number of bottles.

You will need to let the bottle open, meaning you can't seal it, just put the cap on to let the fermentation gas escape. You need to have this "breathing" opening to prevent the bottle from exploding.

Put it in a clean, dry, cool, and dark place to let the wine ferment. The process takes around five to ten days – depending on the temperature (the hotter it is, the quicker it will ferment).

The liquid will separate and go to the bottom of the bottle. After fermentation, shake the mixture and strain with a strainer and a clean cheesecloth. Pour the strained juice into a sterilized carboy – you can use a wine carboy for it.

Add the 2 ounces of sugar, shake, then use the plastic cap that comes with the carboy don't seal it. Just put the cap on in a way that allows the gas to escape and prevent the bottle from exploding.

Let it ferment for 30-40 days, and only move to bottle after fermentation. It is important to note that fermentation "cancels" sugar, making this wine proper for consumption for diabetic people.

Transfer the wine to a sterilized glass you can reuse some wine bottles, and close with the cork. If you want, let it age for six months to a year. Drink a glass half an hour before your lunch or dinner.