10 Fashion Styling Rules Every woman should Learn

Why do you think certain women end up looking unsuited, ill-dressed, and perhaps even tacky? What gives you the impression that they’re like that? They don’t know about the ten style rules I’m about to give you. And, as you may know, and I’ve gathered some great styling tips that I’ll share with you today.

Fashion Styling Rules 1 : Always wear underwear that is same color match to your skin

Styling rule number one is to always wear nude and seamless underwear, whenever you wear light color garments and one of the biggest and most common styling mistake out of the way; I want you to stop wearing those white underwear or those contrast and colorful underwear whenever you wear light colored clothing.

Because we can see them; and the same goes for wearing textured underwear like ace bras or lace panties under delicate, or like sheer fabrics. Because the texture is going to be visible under such fabrics.

And if you haven’t worked in the fashion industry, you will know that there is a reason to why all models who come to a shoot or catwalk always must wear underwear and bras in their skin color., and that are seamless. Because underwear should not be visible. This is a rule every elegant woman must follow because as soon as underwear becomes visible, the elegance immediately disappears.

10 fashion styling rules for elegant woman

Fashion Styling Rules 2 : Lipstick should be matched  to your skintone

Use a lipstick shade that match your skin’s undertones; and ladies, all of us, regardless of our skin color, we all have an undertone. It is going to be either a warm undertone, a cool or neutral tone. My dear elegant lady, because every woman must know her skin undertone.

This is the mere basics of doing your makeup and dressing your clothes. You have to know these things, but how do we know this? Well, just take out your wrists, take a look on the veins inside here and see what color they are.

Do they appear to be more blue or green? If your veins appear to be more blue than you are going to be cool tone. If you notice a lot of green, you have a warm tone, but if you see a lot of green and blue, you have a neutral undertone.

So ladies, once you know your undertone, you always have to wear your lipstick in that undertone. If you are warm, make sure your lipstick has a warm undertone If you’re a cool your lipstick house to have a cool undertone. And the lucky ladies will have a neutral undertone, they can actually wear both.

10 fashion styling rules for elegant woman

Fashion Styling Rules 3 : Look in the mirror from every angle before leaving home

Styling rule number three is to always look at yourself in the mirror from every angle before leaving your home. My friends, I’m talking about your clothes, your hair, your makeup, because you’re not aware about how you look from the side or from the back. And there might be something there that you’re not seeing.

Consider how weird a clothing appears or sits from the side, or your foundation, which you didn’t correctly mix here. You need to see how it looks from the side, or maybe you have, I don’t know, something with your hair back there that you’re not noticing.

And the why you must invest in several mirrors and always have a proper check before you leave that door. Because this way, you will never run the risk of committing any of these really awful elegance mistakes that I see so many women do.

And oh, by the way, there’s still a little bit time left to join my free workshop where I give you 10 more of those really scary elegance mistakes that I see so many people do. And you know, after this workshop, you will learn how to immediately correct these elegance mistakes so that you never have to look like you are out of place ever again.

Fashion Styling Rules 4 : Find your personal style

The fourth styling rule is to develop a distinctive style for those days when you don’t want to think about our outfit. If I don’t have a lot of these at times; I use the characteristic white pants and colorful top style on days when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to think about putting together an interesting outfit.

I think that we all can relate to how time consuming styling yourself can be. And for this reason, it’s essential for everyone to find at least one outfit that becomes their style uniform, because you will need it for days like this.

And ladies, this fool-proof go-to look that you have to create, it has to be first and foremost elegant, it has to flatter you and your body shape. And it also really needs to work for most occasions. And there, it should be sitting in your wardrobe on stand by four days when you really don’t have time or don’t have energy to think about what to wear. And it will come in handy many times in the future. As a result, make sure you make one for yourself.

Fashion Styling Rules 5 : Don’t use any loose trends

This rule says that keep an eye out for stray threads; and sure, when you scan your clothes, I want you to transform into Inspector Gadget. Because, ladies, you must thoroughly inspect all of your garments for any loose threads that may be peeping up and destroying your lovely appearance.

When you buy clothes, especially at fast fashion retailers where the final quality isn’t always good. Those threads require your undivided attention. It happens even when you go to a high-end clothing store, because it happens almost everywhere. As a result, make sure that becoming an inspector gadget is now a component of your new look.

10 fashion styling rules for elegant woman

Fashion Styling Rules 6 : Use patterns that match your outfit

This always give important to the colors in the pattern garments. And I know that many ladies, find it really tricky to wear patterns because you might be worried on how to really style the rest of the outfit without ending up looking a bit like a clown. And the key to looking elegant when you wear those patterns is to always wear colors of the pattern in the rest of your outfit.

So you don’t want to mix and match and start wearing all kinds of other colors that are not inside the pattern. It’s all about matching the rest of the outfit’s colors to this specific design. It unifies the entire style and allows you to let go. If you have a pattern with three different colors, for example, you can wear all three colors throughout your complete outfit without it being odd.

Fashion Styling Rules 7 : Add a pop of color

Now styling rule number seven is to add a little bit of pop of color when you feel like you’re looking a little bit too plain in the mirror. And ladies, you know that I love a simple and classic outfits where being plain is actually what sometimes bring out the elegance in the look.

However, we all have those days where we’ll look at the outfit in front of us and we just feel that something here is missing. And sometimes the trick is to really just add a little bit of accessories or a pop of color. So let’s say you’re wearing a plain white dress, if you wear a matching wide back to it is going to look really plain and boring. But let’s say, you add a little red bag or a blue bag. Then all of a sudden, you spice the outfit up and it looks more interesting.

Fashion Styling Rules 8 : Shoes and bags must be in good condition

The eighth styling rule is to always look after your shoes and luggage since we want to appear nice and expensive. Wearing scuffed shoes and bags instantly degrades a whole style; first and foremost, the bag cannot look tired and worn out? Ans It’s very normal for the edges to have a little scuffing now. When those marks become really large, though, you must pay close attention.

Ladies, if there are visible stains or threads poking up from the bag’s stitching, the same goes for shoes; when it comes to shoes, we must consider no visible color marks or lines on the shoes. Also, be sure that both your heel and your soul are in good working order. Nothing can appear to be worn out. Also, if you’re wearing sneakers, keep an eye on those white laces; you don’t want them to turn gray instead of white.

Fashion Styling Rules 9 : Shop your perfect size

Now styling rule number nine is to shop for your current size, not for a smaller size that you think you’re going to have one day. Because this is such a common mistake that so many women do. They think that going one size a little bit too small because deep down, you think that, oh, you know, I’m starting this new diet. So I’m going to lose weight in the future. Might as well shop for that size.

And I really think it’s so important to buy for the size that you are today because we have spoken on this channel so much how essential the fit of the garment is. And what happens when you wear a garment that is a little bit too small for you., you’re actually going to look bigger. Your garment must have the appropriate fit for your body because otherwise ladies, all of these styling tips that I’m giving you are really just pointless.


Fashion Styling Rules 10 : Try to show of your waist

Styling tip number 10 is to always show off your waist and ladies, stop hiding your waist with oversize clothing and bulky sweaters or whatever, you know what happens, you’re going to look bigger, bulkier and heavier than you actually look.

But whenever you accentuate your natural silhouette, whether it is with a belt or with specific garments that are built in a little bit of ways, then you are going to look slimmer and more feminine, and of course also more elegant as a result, these are all 10 styling rules for all woman’s.


What are the various styles of fashion styling?

• Grunge clothes
• Bohemian fashion style
• Sexy fashion style
• Chic fashion style
• Exotic fashion style
• Casual fashion style

In terms of fashion, what is the golden mean ratio?

In creative circles, a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio is widely considered as the most aesthetically beautiful split of spaces, and this is known as the Golden Ratio.

What is the rule of the third piece?

The third piece rule states that an outfit must have three important parts to go from good to exceptional; the first and second pieces are your top and bottom; the third one provides the finishing touch to the overall aesthetic.

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