10 tips to be a great mother (2)

Tips to balance Motherhood and Entrepreneurship 

Do you ever feel like you’re a bad mother while trying to grow your business? I know how difficult it is because I have five children of my own. Today, I’m going to share with you my techniques for balancing running a business and accomplishing your goals while simultaneously to be a great mother.

I am not a superwoman in any way. If you’re ready to ditch the cape, the unreasonable expectations, and the desire to feel like you’re the perfect parent in favor of simply plugging in and building better relationships with your children, then this post is for you.

Today, I’m giving my Do’s and Don’ts for being a great mother while also pursuing your business goals; here are some things you should do to be a better parent while also pursuing your goals and expanding your business:

10 tips to be a great mother

Allow yourself to enjoy the moments with your kids without thinking about business

When my last baby was born, my business was only 6 weeks old, and I remember feeding him and snuggling with him, telling myself that this is never a waste of time because in my head there was this lengthy to-do list of everything. I wasn’t getting anything done while smuggling this newborn baby in, but you know he’s not the same as he was before, and he doesn’t even like to snuggle anymore, so take advantage of those times guilt-free.

Do’s: Dedicate time each day to being fully present

Your family is generally supportive of your commercial endeavors; nevertheless, they are frustrated by the fact that you never give them your whole attention, and that you are constantly half in business and half in family, which is challenging for all of you. So take the time you need to disconnect from your work and focus on your family.

Do’s : Pursue your dreams so they will pursue their

Teach children to pursue their aspirations by observing you pursue yours and discussing it honestly. Discuss how you’ve always wanted to accomplish this, how it’s essential to you, and how you’ve been planning it since you were a little kid.

Demonstrate to them that all of their aspirations are within reach; all they have to do is pursue them and bring them along for the ride. Don’t try to keep your goal a secret from them; tell them about it and let them share in your triumphs.

10 tips to be a great mother (2)

Do’s : Make their activities priority

I make it a priority in my life to schedule things that my children are involved in. It doesn’t mean I’m at every single one; there are five of them, all of whom are extremely successful, active, and busy kids, and I travel and work, so I’m not at everything.

I communicate with them about the events that are significant to them, and I attend those events. So I reach those important moments, and they feel like a priority in my life because they see me scheduling around their schedules so that I can be there.

Do’s : Be intentional with your limited time

Because you don’t have as much as everyone else, you have to make due with what you have. That is working a part-time job or staying at home full-time with their children, you must be very deliberate with the time you have.

So make sure you’re thinking about what the most important lessons you want to teach your children and what the most important activities you want to undertake with them. You won’t be able to do everything if you don’t do those things at the end you make the most of the time you have.

Do’s: Redefine to be a great mother

My stay-at-home mom raised me, followed by my grandmother and finally my stay-at-home stepmom. So they all stayed at home, and my definition of motherhood has evolved over the years to include a little bit of sewing, a little bit of crafting, a lot of baking, and being there when the kids got home from school, driving them to their activities, and sitting at every single game they had, as well as driving them back and forth to practice.

I had a faulty understanding of what it meant to be a good mother, and as a result, I was doomed to fail. To me, recognizing who my children are and nurturing their individuality and distinct fantastic skills is what it means to be a good mother.

To me, being a good mother entails instilling in my children love, morals, and concern for others. To me, being a good mother is training my children to look beyond the box and to discover what they actually enjoy and follow it with all their heart and passion. To me, being a good mother entails doing those things, and I believe I am capable of doing so.

I can accomplish that and still be successful in business. It will require some effort and coordination, but it is possible. So, if you have a mental job description of what it takes to be a good mother that you know you won’t be able to fulfill, change it.

7 Do’s: Find a nanny who likes your children and treats them as if they were their own.
As an entrepreneur the best advise I can provide is to hire a nanny who will love your kids as if they were their own.” We got someone like that through Care.com when we relocated to Hawaii and I was too busy with work. She’s been a lifesaver because I know she’ll look after my kids while I concentrate on my career. It allows me to unwind and focus, and I couldn’t do it without her!”

Here are few list of Don’ts

10 tips to be a great mother

Don’ts : Don’t compare

Do not compare yourself to the stay-at-home mom, the full-time working mom, or the parent who lives next door to you. Don’t compare yourself to others because you’ll never be terrific at being someone else, but you can be fantastic at being yourself.

Don’ts: Take away your family sacrifice to be a great mother

I see a lot of entrepreneur women who want to do great things in their businesses without compromising anything that is important to their family. We all make sacrifices, and I make sacrifices for my children since one of my sons is in a competitive marching band.

So that he can accomplish it, I’m willing to make a sacrifice so that the other one can compete in cross-country. I make a sacrifice in order for the other to be able to play football. I make sacrifices for them; ask them to make sacrifices for you, and teach them to support you.

The women in their lives taught them to assist their brothers and sisters by teaching them to support you and to understand that there is a cost to paying for pursuing your aspirations. You’d better make sure that the prize you bring to your family is more than the price they must pay, but there must be a sacrifice, and you’d better quit acting as if they aren’t willing to pay the price. Teaching children to support their mothers is beneficial because you’re pursuing their goals and know what’s best for them.

Don’ts: Hide in work when it’s hard at home

When things are difficult at home, such as when you’re having problems with your marriage or with a child, or when you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of your duties, Keep working and don’t hide in your laptop since it’s easier to be successful there.

To be clear, success in the workplace is simpler, but success at home is far more meaningful. I’ll know when I’m a senior citizen and on my deathbed. I want to be surrounded by my children and grandchildren, and that is the legacy I want to leave behind, and no one will care if I created another freemium or if my marketing campaigns were successful at the time, so be present when things at home are difficult because that is when you need more time with your family. So go ahead and plug them in and make them a priority.


Don’ts: Don’t declare anything like “I’m a bad mom.”

It’s never a good idea to let words get the best of you, float around in your head, or slip out of your mouth. There are some awful mothers out there, and you are one of them. They do not feed their children and subject them to other forms of maltreatment.

They’re slackers, and by slackers, I mean horrible mothers. I don’t believe that’s you; I believe you love your children, that you’re trying your best, and that your children are well-cared for and provided for, and that no day or mother is flawless.

As a result, we must let go of it and recognize that we are good mothers who are pursuing their goals. By pursuing our passion, we are making the world a better place, and we are teaching our children fundamental truths that no one else can teach them. And you’re going to be an entrepreneur and great mother on this path.

All right great mother, I promise it will be a blessing and a gift to your family. I’d love to hear about what makes you a great parent in your own special manner, so please leave a comment and I’ll share mine as well. You now have six dos and four don’ts to assist you be a great mother while both growing your business and pursuing your goals.

Now I’d want to ask a favor of you. I’m not sure if you’re new to the channel or if you’ve been around for a while, but I believe that this video and this conversation are necessary for so many women who are pursuing their ambitions and attempting to play bigger in business. Please share this with a female entrepreneur you know who is juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship, and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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