PEACH FUZZ Color of the Year 2024

PEACH FUZZ Color of the Year 2024: WGSN Apricot Crush Color Palettes

The authority on color trends and forecasting has announced APRICOT CRUSH as the standout shade for 2024. World Global Style Network (WGSN), an international trend forecasting agency, selects a defining “Color of the Year” annually to reflect styles and moods of the upcoming period. For 2024, the Vibrant orange-infused hue Apricot Crush aims to strike a balance in uncertain times with its optimistic spirit.

What Exactly is the Apricot Crush Color?

PEACH FUZZ Color of the Year 2024
PEACH FUZZ Color of the Year 2024

PEACH FUZZ Color of the Year 2024

Apricot Crush is formally titled by Pantone as 18-2150 TCX, deepening on tones of cantaloupe and apricot fruit. The evocative paint chip bears the HEX code #FFB28F.

When visualized, Apricot Crush pops with luminosity, marrying soft peach undertones with zesty orange for a harmonious, rich color. The shimmering citrus quality awakens appetites and energizes the senses with its saturated glow.

Psychologically, Apricot Crush summons cheer and creativity for designers and consumers alike. There exists an inherent joy and spirit to the vibrant shade – it beautifully diffuses sunlight to lift moods with its gregarious charm.

Apricot Crush equally soothes and ignites emotion through color psychology connections. Its warm assurance and sprightliness serve as a reliable pick-me-up as we embark into 2024’s unknowns.

The succulent color also suggests ripeness, vitality, and indulgence with its juicy orange essence. Like a sweet bursting mango or nectarine, Apricot Crush whets appetites for life’s sensory pleasures after prolonged scarcity. Viscerally, the hue restores depleted energies and starved cravings.

Culturally, vibrant orange hues like Apricot Crush inspire social connections and community. In many Asian cultures, orange symbolizes happiness and love. In Western practices, orange stimulates social conversation and draws people joyfully together much like the warmth of a hearth fire. Apricot Crush’s gregarious spirit blankets our worlds in 2024.

Why Do Pantone Color of the Year Selections Matter?

Color sets the tone, mood, and styles of an era. Consider the visual legacies defined by bold choices like 2010’s Turquoise or Ethereal Blue in 2022. As a leading global forecaster since 1986, the Pantone Color Institute issues guidance on palettes driving design and buying decisions across industries.

Their expertise draws from the crossover of art, science, and data on societal trends. Each year’s selection considers an intuitive, holistic view of influences spanning technology, entertainment, environment, and socioeconomics. It distills complex world narratives into a single shade.

The highly anticipated “Color of the Year” dictates product development and aesthetics for the following year. It forecasts wider cultural adoptions through color marketing. Past selections like Millennial Pink prove colors hold power as generational symbols. Similarly, Apricot Crush will inspire 2024 trends on the runway, retail floors, media screens and more by its intoxicating energy.

Past Examples of Impactful Pantone Color of the Year Selections

How do these annual color ambassadors shape real world outcomes exactly? We review some of the most influential colors of past years driving consumer behaviors and pop culture hooks.

  • Millennial Pink (Rose Quartz, Serenity – 2016)

The dual pale pink and blue selection symbolized wellness and tranquility during tumultuous election years. Millennial pink especially blew up on visual social media, adorning everything from fashion to phone cases as the “It Girl” color. Marketers scrambled to capture female youth attention through a unifying color trend.

PEACH FUZZ Color of the Year 2024

  • Ultra Violet (2018)

Chosen in the wake of feminist MeToo movements, Purple symbolized empowerment and individuality. The galactic color graced awards show red carpets and progressive political campaigns alike for visual solidarity. Random ultra violet hair streaks, lipsticks, nails, and clothes echoed reclaiming identity.

  • Living Coral (2019)

This vivid orangey coral tone celebrated life and human connection after technology overtook daily living. Invigorating advertising, products, and editorials embraced the revitalizing color as a physical health reminder to look up from screens. The saturated hue brought vitality across key industries.

  • Illuminating Yellow (2021)

The sunshiny yellow debuted after lockdown onset as a hopeful metaphor for light at the end of tunnels. Uplifting marketing and clothing infused much needed optimism and clarity. Illuminating reflected collective anticipation of revival after immense loss and uncertainty.

What Colors Pair Best with Apricot Crush?

Playing well with others remains key for versatile Apricot Crush. As a bright, attention-grabbing burst of color, Apricot Crush calls for nuanced company. We explore complementary palettes to allow Apricot Crush’s exuberance room to shine.

  • Analogous Hues

Boosting Apricot Crush intensity, deeper hued oranges and peaches intensify its tropical drink spirit. Fellow orange family members Peach Nectar (16-1546 TCX) and Tiger Lily (17-1456TPG) give energetic support. Darker coral and melon tones add lushness while upholding luminosity.

Ripe mango colors like Saffron Mango (17-1360TCX) bridge into yellows for additional vibrancy. Softer cantaloupe and salmon colors offer calmness. For neutral contrast, creams and blush pinks quiet Apricot Crush without dampening the mood.

  • Blue Color Contrasts

On opposite sides of the color wheel, blue makes a striking Apricot Crush color companion. By visual contrast, the colors dynamically highlight one another’s qualities. Vibrant blues like Swimming Pool (19-4043TPX) or Denim Blue’s rich depth allows Apricot Crush brightness to truly pop. Crisp lighter counterparts, namely Baby Blue eyes, also effectively sharpen and define Apricot Crush edges.

Cool toned periwinkles, hydrangeas and turquoises equally temper Apricot Crush heat with their chill serenity. Muted dusty blues found in watercolor art deliver soothing ambiance against Apricot Crush energy.

  • Earthy Natural Palettes

For more subtle enhancement, earthy palettes temper Apricot Crush exuberance with humble elegance. Sophisticated olive greens like Jewel Tone Green (18-0138TPG) connect Apricot Crush to nature. Creams and camel hues provide enough contrast while smoothly blending with peachy undertones. Chocolate browns and stone greys offer nourishing balance.

By balancing extremes, Apricot Crush mingles demurely in elegant bohemian settings. Pattern mixing of detailed florals, paisleys, and batik prints interplay beautifully against Apricot Crush backdrops for land/sea diversity.

  • Vibrant Complementary Combinations

Alternatively, ratchet up the voltage by flanking Apricot Crush with equally lively colors. Electrifying violets, fuchsia pinks, and chartreuse greens make playful companions. Citrus yellows only amplify the zesty flavors. Wild combinations create psychedelic 70’s or 80’s style color blocking statements. This fun loving palette energizes any setting.

Tropical patterns also thrive with Apricot Crush’s lush orange essence. Leafy foliage, exotic birds, pineapple graphics, or abstract interpretations of nature elements inject vitality and vibrancy.

Using Apricot Crush Color in Design Projects

A standout color like Apricot Crush shines across painting, fashion, decor, graphics, and beyond. We outline top applications to incorporate the 2024 Color of the Year across design fields and consumer platforms.

Color of the Year Apricot Crush : Fashion and Beauty Industries

In clothing palettes, Apricot Crush provides sun-kissed luminosity for styles spanning athleisure, evening-wear, or business casual categories. Loose relaxed silhouettes in jersey and natural fabrics perfectly capture the hue’s laid back mood. Paint brushstroke patterns and ombre dyes applied to t-shirts, leggings, or summer dresses artfully match Apricot Crush energy.

The saturated color creates impact through strategic placement in details like stitching, lacing, or embroidery rather than overwhelming at full saturation. Contrasts with darker neutrals allows Apricot Crush highlights. Metallic sheens and sequins make the color shine brighter for glam evening looks. Accessories in bags, hats, jewelry, and footwear add great color pops.

For beauty, Apricot Crush inspired makeup equally energizes. Luminous apricot eye shadows, blush, and lip colors beam radiance against nearly all complexions. Unexpected punky pairings like an Apricot Crush smoky eye breaks conventions with fun. Neutral browns help balance shadow tones for wearable day looks. Peachy foundation mixes also produce healthy, robust skin.

Nail art allows endless Apricot Crush experimentation. Glossy lacquers give the boldest color impact while glitter or crackle textures add dimensional interest. Negative space designs with Apricot Crush lunar cutouts proves unique.

Color of the Year Apricot Crush : Interior Design and Decorating Schemes

Paints and textiles bring Apricot Crush warmth and positivity to interior spaces craving color therapy. Lush velvet sofas or wool Moroccan rugs inject cozy texture and contrast to lacquered walls or cabinets saturated in Apricot Crush. Vintage painted furniture, collectibles, and artwork interplayed with the bright white trim make the juicy color palette truly pop.

Modern graphic black and white patterns – zigzags, checks, linear – create stylish depth against Apricot Crush walls. Floral accents and potted greenery add natural serenity without competing vibrancy. Metallic and glass furnishes reflect and refract light beautifully in this citrine haven.

For holiday seasons, Apricot Crush delivers festive moods from harvest through New Year’s celebrations. As a festive fall orange, Apricot Crush evokes autumnal harvest joy then builds anticipation towards the candied hues of Christmas. Paired with evergreen wreaths, emerald pine garlands, or ruby decor it elicits cozy nostalgia for long winter nights. Apricot Crush also bridges nicely into warmer tones for spring renewal.

Color of the Year Apricot Crush : Graphic Design Assets and Branding Projects

Digitally, hyper-saturated Apricot Crush energizes and uplifts websites, social media platforms, and device interfaces with its zingy flavor. Solid color web backgrounds allow white or grey typography to stand out crisply. Energetic paint brush strokes and citrus graphic clip art make fun feature headers.

For deeper dimensions, coral gradient backgrounds incorporate analogous color connections through Apricot Crush families. Peppering secondary pops of colors in icons, buttons and banners prevents overwhelming saturation. Generous negative space allows the bold shade room to advance and retreat visually across navigation.

Logo designs also channel Apricot Crush hues to telegraph concepts like creativity, spontaneity, and cheer. Sans serif, handwritten, or retro font pairings further support these spirited messages. Stenciled illustrations or badges contain Apricot Crush shades for accessible branding.

Through digital channels, Apricot Crush drums up excitement and interaction across users. Ui designers should leverage its mood lifting powers in measured doses for irresistible appeal.

Let’s take a Look at Color of the Year 2023 and 2024

Pantone Color of the Year 2024 is Peach Fuzz

Pantone’s picked a soft, fuzzy peach tone called Peach Fuzz as their defining shade for 2024. It reminds me of the first blush on a peach ripe from the tree. The warm glow aims to feel comforting yet fresh as we enter a new era. I think it hints at cautious optimism.

Benjamin Moore 2023 Color of the Year: Coastal Azure

PEACH FUZZ Color of the Year 2024
PEACH FUZZ Color of the Year 2024

Benjamin Moore has chosen a rich, sophisticated blue called Blue Nova as their 2023 Color of the Year. This tranquil tone evokes feelings of stability and resilience. With blue being one of the most popular colors for home interiors, Blue Nova offers a modern, updated take on a timeless classic.

Behr 2023 Color of the Year: Toasted Almond

Cracked Pepper is Behr’s 2023 pick for Color of the Year. This earthy gray-brown shade is both rustic and refined. It creates a cozy, lived-in look while still feeling current and on-trend. The subtle spice tones in Cracked Pepper add warmth and dimension without overpowering.

Sherwin-Williams 2023 Color of the Year: Verdant Growth

Sherwin-Williams went for an optimistic, forward-looking tone with their 2023 Color of the Year, Upward. This light, spring-green hue speaks of growth, creativity and positive change. As homes continue to function as sanctuaries and spaces where we recharge, Upward infuses interiors with uplifting, hopeful energy.

Glidden 2023 Color of the Year: Endless Skies

Glidden brings a bold, boundless outlook for 2023 with their Color of the Year called Limitless. This vibrant, purple-blue tone makes a statement while remaining livable as an everyday color. Limitless encourages us to dream big and approach life with confidence and vision.

C2 Paint 2023 Color of the Year: Terracotta Clay

C2 Paint looks to the natural world for their 2023 Color of the Year. Called Thermal, it’s an organic, earthy red-orange that calls to mind terracotta, clay and the warmth of sunlight. Grounding yet utterly modern, Thermal adds cozy texture and radiance to living spaces.

James Hardie 2023 Color of the Year: Silver Pine

Inspired by thriving wildlife and nature, James Hardie selected a soothing gray-green called Mountain Sage for their 2023 Color of the Year. Mountain Sage speaks to balance, renewal and our innate need to connect with the outdoors. It brings landscapes in doors through its tranquil, organic look and feel.

York Wallcoverings 2023 Color of the Year: Mocha Cream

York Wallcoverings opts for a rich, welcoming brown called Bay Brown as their top color for 2023. This cocoa-inspired neutral celebrates hearth and home through its deep, intimate tone. Paired with textures like woods, wovens and tiles, Bay Brown creates an oasis of comfort perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

Graham & Brown 2023 Color of the Year: Emerald Grove

Viridis, a life-affirming emerald tone, is Graham & Brown’s pick for Color of the Year 2023. Evoking growth, wellness and vitality, this rejuvenating green makes a bold statement while still feeling harmonious and peaceful. Paired with natural materials and organic shapes, Viridis helps spaces emulate the wonder of the natural world.

2024 Color of the Year predictions from various experts:

1. Every Pantone Color of the Year From 2000 to 2024

Pantone’s Color of the Year selection has defined distinct eras since its inception in 2000 with Cerulean Blue. Other memorable colors include 2010’s Turquoise speaking to global consciousness, 2017’s Greenery reflecting new growth, and 2021’s UV Yellow inspired by optimism.

As Pantone prepares to announce their 2024 color mood, reflecting on past colors illustrates how impactful these annual decisions prove as guiding forces across creative industries.

2. The 11 paint colors that experts predict will dominate in 2024

Paint provides perhaps the most visible interior design shift revealing fresh 2024 palettes. Leading color forecasters like Behr, Sherwin Williams and AkzoNobel predict nature-drawn, neutral hues will overcome previous years’ bold brights for softer spaces.

Specifically, complex medium greens, light umber browns, and airy cloud blue shades score highest for adaptive warmth. These “colors of the year” selections indicate a cozier nesting tendency ahead.

3. 2024 Color Of The Year From Experts WGSN And Coloro

Rival color authorities like WGSN and Coloro lend global aesthetic insights alongside Pantone forecasts. For 2024, WGSN advocates Brave Ground orange-browns to encourage resilience, while European forecaster Coloro believes Smokey Greens will rule by promoting balance with natural elements.

As adjacent guides augmenting Pantone’s direction, aligning 2024’s key color across these agencies helps cement unified color stories ahead.

4. Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2024 Is Blue Nova 825

Paint giant Benjamin Moore reveals their complementary 2024 color perspective through their own Color of the Year pick. Drawn to deeper Blue Nova for its adaptive flexibility through light, the rich navy reflects the new practicality wave.

While bolder forecasters see punchy brightness ahead, Benjamin Moore’s grounding effect balances fashion colors with livable hues in the Blueprint palette suiting spaces to evolve styles.

5. Fall 2024: Forecasting Color Trends

Catwalks focus the sharpest lens on color trend futures as concepts crystallize into physical products worn worldwide. Fall 2024 runways will showcase 2024’s chosen color narratives bleeding forward as fabrics, media backdrops and branded aesthetics permeate every arena through ubiquity.

Since catwalks and product warehouses develop years ahead, their forward materials lead global color stories. As deciders with the closest eyes on emergent leanings, these fashion trend prophets influence the public’s 2024 color consciousness.

As 2024’s Pantone Color of the Year, Apricot Crush’s effervescent spirit diffuses optimism through turbulent times. The vivid color telegraphs hopefulness which the world profoundly needs. Across industries and cultures, expect to see Ascendance of Apricot Crush in fashions, media, environments, products and art over the coming year. What will you create with this shade?


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