Soul Realignment Therapy

Soul Realignment Therapy By Evelyn Beaulay, Soul Doctor

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude  for Our guest writer, Evelyn Beaulay, Soul Doctor offering Soul Realignment therapy for 10 years. Connecting with you all through vital topic of  Soul Realignment Process Therapy.

Are you ready for a profound self-discovery journey? Beyond your current successes, do you feel there’s more to you?

Feeling stuck, and want to break out of repeated experiences? Are you seeking meaning to your life right now?

Are you seeking more guidance and direction to a richer and more fuller life experiences?

Find your life purpose, soul mission, or perhaps you want to elevate your spiritual experience? Want the confidence to make clear and aligned choices for you?

Welcome, You have arrived!

Hi! I’m Evelyn Beaulay at Mystical Journeys, and your dedicated Soul Doctor, offering a deep personal transformational process called, ‘Soul Realignment’ or SR for short. 

Soul Realignment Therapy
Soul Realignment Therapy

As Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, I have been offering Soul Realignment process therapy for 10 years. And I often get asked these questions? 

  1. What is Soul Realignment therapy about? 
  2. And how can I benefit from it? 
  3. How do I request Soul Realignment?

Some people hold a belief that we are only what we see, feel, and touch but this is far from the truth! We are more than meets the eye. Even modern Science is catching up with this fact. The field of Quantum Physics is based on the study of the Spirit and Soul Complex,  collectively referred to as ‘Energy‘.

Ancient traditions and teachings like the Tao speaks about the existence of a Universal Force, known as ‘Chi’, or ‘Prana’ in Oriental philosophies. You can dive into these in your own time if you wish to know more…this short article is about Soul Realignment and what it can do for you.

Let’s jump in! 

As I mentioned above, we are more than just our physical, and we are not only existing contrary to what our belief system tells us. We are Creators, Co-creating and weaving our experiences into existence by choice. We create our reality and experiences through choice – yes! Choice is the most powerful tool we are endowed with aka ‘Freewill’. Without this we would be existing and wondering, aimlessly.

You came across this article not by coincidence because your Soul knows the truth as to why you are here reading this article.

Nudging’s from your Soul, perhaps?

Because there’s a deeper yearning for something more, you know innately that there is more to you than meets the eye, there is more to what you came here to experience. 

Be honest, are you really having the experiences that excites your Soul? If not, read on….

The fact still remains, despite your many successes or unsuccess’s your in life, you yearn for more not because of greed! Because of that inner voice (Soul) that is awakening you to your unique Soul’s truth.

Wait for it…

….this is where Soul Realignment steps in to help you un-pack and unlock your innate Soul truth and purpose so that you are able to tune in and follow the nudging’s of your Soul and making new choices that aligns with your Soul’s truth.

What is Soul Realignment Therapy? 

Soul Realignment Process Therapy
Soul Realignment Process Therapy

Soul Realignment is a holistic Self-discovery process that draws on both ancient and modern metaphysical principles to unlock, to provide insight, and to release deep rooted blocks and restrictions that a Soul carries in order to fully express its mission and purpose.

Soul Realignment uses Akashic Records to research information about the Soul including information about the Soul’s Purpose, identify any impacting Blocks and Restrictions and Clear the Records of impacting past and present experiences as a result of past choices; so that the individual can move forward in clarity and truth, purposefully. 

Benefits of Soul Realignment 

The benefits of Soul Realignment are unlimited. Here’s a glimpse of just what to expect when you begin to align with your Soul’s truth. Bear in mind that everyone is unique no two experiences are the same.

  • Soul Purpose:

Soul Realignment is not just a modality but a process; when initiated encourages the individual on the path of their true Soul Purpose.

  • Clarity and Truth:

a deep dive into the Soul’s records reveal profound information about the Soul to bring you the clarity and truth that you’ve been waiting for/seeking. Promoting calmness and peace with self. 

  • Clearing Blocks and Restrictions:

healing at the Akashic Records level is transformational, as old and repeated patterns are addressed from their root cause; release stagnant old records.

  • New Choice & Flexibility:

The release of stagnant old records make way for new opportunities to come by making new choices.

  • Authentic Self-expression:

Clearing old blocks and restrictions to truth, you are making new choices from a place of your clarity and truth that aligns with your unique Soul expression.

  • Abundance, and Manifestation:

As you express more of your Soul’s Purpose by making new and aligned choices you begin to manifest the abundance that is already yours.

Living purposefully, not from a place of fear that has held you captive in other people’s dream.

Soul Realignment: The Process

This unique process is unlike any other process you’ve experienced. Soul Realignment is an absent process meaning you don’t have to be physically present; the reading and clearing work are done on your behalf.


As this is a deep transformative work, 

We always seek permission to access the Soul’s record. For this reason we require the following information: 

  • Full name at birth :
  • Full name at present :
  • Date and place of birth :
  • Intention for the Soul Realignment reading and clearing :

We obtain permission from the Soul before proceeding further.

Soul Realignment Reading and clearing is performed on your behalf.

After the reading and clearing is complete you are presented with the findings and integration.

Allow 21 days integrative work to complete the process; the transformation is beyond lifetimes.

How can I request Soul Realignment reading and clearing for myself?

  • Email: mysticaljourneys011@gmail
  • WhatsApp: + 44753 8820050
  • Or visit


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