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How to be an elegant woman?

In this article, we will look at how to be elegant. How do you become an elegant woman? One of my favorite, if not the most favorite, compliments is being called elegant woman.

The reason why elegance excites me so much is that you don’t have to have a lot of money to be an elegant person; you don’t have to be in high society; you don’t have to marry up; you don’t have to do any of those things; you can be an elegant woman, an elegant person simply by how you treat people, respect people, and respect yourself.

When it comes down to it, elegance is all about respecting others’ time, respecting others’ emotions, respecting your own emotions, and respecting your environment; so it just makes me excited because it’s not something that you have to go out and buy a new wardrobe, or go try and bag a billionaire; you can be elegant in your everyday normal life, so today I want to give you ten ways that you can be an elegant woman.

The Elegant woman : How to be an elegant woman

Stay away from Gossip : The Elegant woman

This is something I’ve recently learned, not because I go around gossiping about people to other people, but because I realized that even if I’m using anecdotal evidence some sort of anecdote to communicate an example to another friend about another friend, that’s technically gossip.

Also, even if it’s not my purpose, you may be talking and not mean it; you can say. The rule of thumb that I’ve been trying to follow lately if I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it to a friend with that friend present then I probably shouldn’t say it.

Always Send a Thank-you notes : The Elegant woman

Even if you have already said thank you to someone who did something for you; it shows that you are willing to go that little extra mile to put a little bit more thought and more care into your interactions with people into your relationships.

I think that’s a big part of elegance is really just going that little extra mile to show how appreciative you are, to show how thankful you are about something to show your gratitude; so send thank-you notes. Let’s say that you needed a place to stay and randomly one night and one of your friends allowed you to spend the night at her home.

Even if it’s a friend you’ve known for years, picture how it would make her feel to hear you say thank you and then to receive a thank-you letter in the mail. Another thing about thank you notice what do you think about it we really don’t get like happy mail anymore maybe it’s just me but the only things I get in the mail are like bills, junk mail.

When I get actual mail I get very excited and since I know I get excited about that I try to do that for other people I gave that little special touch to go that little extra mile to say thank you.

Be Well – read : The Elegant woman

I know in today’s society it is a lot easier to just pick up your phone and read the spark notes version of a book instead of reading the book. But I would actually suggest that you take the time to read books actually read them, now there’s nothing wrong with audible and audiobooks.

I think that’s a great way to stay current and well read, but there’s just something about holding a book in my hand and then getting to the end of it and closing the book that gives me a sense of accomplishment. I’m not sure what it is.

So I like to actually have the physical book in my hand but if you are an audible person that’s fine – that’s great – I think audible is awesome but being well read be able to know the books that are on like the bestsellers list and what aren’t what are the books that people are talking about and that people are debating and having conversations about what sort of literary content are people taking.

I think would really set you apart as an elegant woman someone who doesn’t just spend all of her time on social media someone who doesn’t just spend all of her time binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix; although I am very guilty but being someone who is also clearly very well-read and who can articulate herself about whatever it is that she has read.

Have your home entertainment ready

The next way that you can be an elegant woman is to have your home entertainment ready and what I mean by this is not that you have to throw parties all the time; but if someone were to stop by unannounced if someone were to say; hey I’m in your area do you mind if I swing by and we can chat for a bit or a cup of coffee with you; make sure that your home is already prepared for that to happen not that this happens all the time.

You don’t want to have to be scurrying around last-minute trying to make your space look presentable have your home entertainment ready, have your home ready to host and ready to really welcome whoever comes through your door.

A second part of this tip is to know some basic hosting and entertaining tips there are countless boards and pins about this on Pinterest. This Pinterest is a cesspool. It’s almost as if you start looking for what to eat for dinner and then end up planning your entire wedding and you don’t even have a fiancée (that’s just me). Anyway, there are plenty of entertainment and entertaining tips that you can get on Pinterest.

I would definitely utilize that platform for classic traditional magazines like Southern Living but our Homes and Gardens things like that are really going to give you those sort of classy traditional hosting and entertainment tips.

Certain things you should know, such as what wines go with what cheeses and what kind of wine goes with steak as opposed to shrimp, may not seem like a big deal, but when you know them, you can present yourself as a very classy and elegant woman.

The Elegant woman : How to be an elegant woman

Give Generously : The Elegant woman

Of course, I’m not encouraging you to empty your bank account for everyone who comes by and asks for a handout; nevertheless, I do believe there’s something to be said about being philanthropic and being your sister’s or brother’s keeper. It’s not even just about money this could be about advice this could be about connections and resources I tend to operate from the mindset that there’s enough of everything to go around I work from an abundance mindset not a scarcity mindset.

I don’t believe that anything I say will have a negative impact on what God has in store for me, so give generously, give advice generously, when it’s solicited, don’t go around giving unsolicited advice to people no one you have something to offer that someone else could benefit from this; same goes for volunteer work and giving to charitable organizations. I have personally worked with a few charities that are very close to my heart.

That I try to give to consistently not to make myself feel better but because I genuinely want them to continue doing the work that they’re doing so whatever it is that’s close to your heart give and give generously and give from a willing heart, from a joyful heart ,don’t give with in the back of your mind thinking that ,

I know I don’t really want to tell her this but I’ll just tell her or I don’t really want to give this person on the corner my five dollars; but I’ll just I’ll just do it know give from a joyful heart, from a place that knows that you giving someone five dollars who’s outside of Trader. Those isn’t going to negatively affect your life in any way if anything you’ll only reap positivity and only reap what you’re selling and what you’re sowing is abundant and love.

Always be on time : The Elegant woman

Remember elegance really goes back to the idea of respect and being respectful, and don’t get me wrong I know that we all have our days where things just aren’t going our way; your day started out poorly now there’s just been a ripple effect and now you’re late for everything and you just want a glass of chardonnay.

I understand ok we all have those days it shouldn’t be a common occurrence, you should make a concerted effort to always be on time and be respectful of other people’s time. You should respect the fact that they have penciled you in and have set aside time especially to develop the relationship, whatever it may be, because they are taking time out of their day to spend with you, and you should not take that for granted.

If you’re supposed to meet someone at 12:30 p.m. and you know it takes you a long time to get ready, but you don’t start getting ready until 12:00 p.m., you’ll be late; and it appears to be disrespectful; it’s certainly not elegant; and it simply shows that you don’t care about other people’s time or schedules, so make sure you’re on time.

If you need to see someone at 12:30, start getting ready at 10:30 and allow enough time to drive and locate parking to get the most out of your meeting, lunch date, or whatever it is that you’re going to, but make a serious effort to appear on time.

Another language to connect with people

Knowing just enough of another language to communicate with people is what it takes to be an elegant woman. I know that many of you are studying new languages at the community level. I’m not entirely proficient in five languages, but I know enough to get by. I don’t believe it’s absolutely necessary to be fluent in five languages, or even two.

But I believe that if you know just enough of another language to connect with people, there’s where you’ll be able to make connections, have experiences, and maybe even fall in love, because I’m a romantic, but that’s where you’ll actually connect with people.

I believe that in the United States, we have a horrible reputation for being the only people in the world who only speak one language, and we have this negative image because, if you travel to Europe or South America, you will find that almost everyone speaks at least two languages.

They at least know their mother tongue and another language, whether it is English, French, or Portuguese, and people in the United States, unfortunately, do not know multiple languages. So I think that if this is something that is overwhelming to you because learning languages is hard what you can do is just learn enough of another language to be able to connect with people. Try to say Hello, Goodbye, Good night, Good morning, How are you? Where are you from?

Have you ever noticed I don’t for those of you who do speak two languages; have you noticed that the moment you start speaking someone else’s language their face just lights up; and they’re like oh my gosh like you speak my language where the same is the connection that’s made when you make someone else feel seen; when you don’t expect that they just know your language there’s a beautiful connection that happens I see it all the time; you can create those connections, just by knowing enough even though you might feel self-conscious; you might feel like you’re not saying things exactly right it is so appreciated.

When you try to speak someone else’s language from a genuine place, it’s not from a place of mocking them or making fun of their accent, but from a genuine place of wanting to connect.


Well Traveled : The Elegant woman

Yes! of course we are not traveling right now no one’s going anywhere. But its very important to travel. Travel is so important in our part of life; it’s so important because you get to open up your mind, heart and also view when you stay in your bubble.

Whatever it is that is your bubble you don’t get you don’t get to have a perspective other than what you’ve had for your entire life or other than what you know right now. It is so important in these times that we make sure that we are exposing ourselves to other people’s experiences and once we do that we can become more empathetic and more compassionate people and we can have educated and informed conversations with people from different areas.

I know on Instagram it looks like everyone’s just vacationing everyone’s just vacationing on the French Riviera and while I’m sure that is lovely and amazing you can also travel locally, you can travel within your state, you can travel to the state around, yours there are so many ways that you can sort of open up your perspective.

I would definitely suggest getting out there when we’re allowed to getting back out there going to places you’ve never been and really allowing yourself to have an open mind and an open heart and be able to experience other cultures, other religions, other belief systems and then allow that to help you formulate your own belief systems your own ideas about the world. I just think it’s really important that we take off our blinders and we have a broader perspective of the world around us and one of the best ways to do that is through travel.

Be Sincere : The Elegant woman

Be sincere in your apologies and in your compliments; one of my favorite things is receiving a compliment from someone you know is genuine and you can tell they really meant what they said, and they genuinely meant the remark.

I love when I can tell that someone’s complimenting me or even apologizing to me from a place, that is sincere and from a place that is genuine he’s sincere in your word, be sincere and what you have to say my mom used to always say to me I may not have much but I do have my and that is so true.

You don’t have to have a lot of money, you don’t have to have a lot of material belongings to stay true to your word and to be genuine and honest in what you say. Do your must to be a genuine person be sincere, be the person who other people know when you say something to them; it’s coming from a place of love and it’s coming from a place of honesty.

Money does not equal Elegance : The Elegant woman

Remember that money does not equal elegance; we’ve seen this time and time again with all of the housewives for franchises no shade on them; I sometimes watch the Housewives franchises love Potomac let’s be honest a lot of their behavior on the shows is not elegant. Many of them are very well-off financially you don’t have to have a lot of money to be an elegant woman.

As I said in the beginning you can be who you are; you can be a normal person; who doesn’t live in luxury who doesn’t have a mansion or a luxury car and be an elegant woman.

Equally Elegant is how you treat other people your loved ones, yourself, your space, and the world around you money is not elegance; equally elegant is respect, I’ll always remember that money does not equal elegance if you’re on this Level Up path; if you’re on this feminine road and you feel like I just can’t do it because I don’t have enough money; I’m not married to a rich man or any of those things. In your everyday life, you can be an exquisite woman simply by how you treat others.

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