things a man notices about a woman

What is the first thing a man notices about a woman in few seconds ?

Hey ladies! The world might never know what women us expect from a guy. Men are clueless to how they get a place in a woman’s heart. With all the movies and publications, one thought comes up over and over again; he has been judged on his looks…So being tall or short some bangs and eyelashes does not protect him from what his first thoughts will be once entering her life!

  • How you Look?
  • Is She Loud?
  • How you Smile?
  • How your skin is?
  • How Fake you are?
  • How do you interact with other people?

Have you ever wondered what men look for when meeting a woman for the first time? Men are constantly on the lookout for gorgeous women; the more attractive a woman is, the more attention she will receive.

Physical appearance is the first thing most men notice, followed by intelligence, sense of humor, and even financial standing. Men are drawn to women who possess a combination of physical and mental features that suggest they are strong, stable, and self-sufficient.

You may or may not agree with the points I’m going to mention here as there are so many situations conditions and other factors involved.

A woman’s hair

A woman’s hair inspires love. Your cut or your hair color, as well as its shape, it drives him crazy, a man notices about a woman hair a lot when you walk. They like your hair movement a lot with each step you take.

things a man notices about a woman

Things a man notices about a woman 2 : A woman’s Financial situation

A woman’s Financial situation is one of the traits a man notices about a woman they first meet. While most men are looking for a woman who is attractive some men are more interested in the woman’s financial situation.

Men who are only interested in the woman’s looks are usually looking for a short term relationship or no strings attached physical relationship, while others may be more interested in the financial situation of the woman. Because a financially stable woman will pay for dates, go on vacation with them take care of bills and even marry them.

A woman’s Legs

A woman’s legs are likewise quite attractive, and they are among those that induce love at first sight. Remember that men are drawn to the physical, and there’s no greater place on the body to flaunt your fitness than the chest. Sometimes it’s more important to have flair than it is to be beautiful. Men are conquered by a courageous and elegant walk.

things a man notices about a woman

Things a man notices about a woman 4 : A woman’s personal hygiene

A Man notices about a woman is Personal hygiene. Because it’s something that they also have in mind. They like clean, refined, well-groomed girls. Who smell good and their nails are well fixed. They fall in love at first sight with these details. But well, who does not?

A woman’s Physical appearance

A man notices about a woman physical appearance before any other aspects of her. The problem with this is that men are biologically programmed to find women attractive. So when they see a woman they pay more attention to her physical appearance first and not her personality or intelligence.

They definitely look at other traits later on, which help them decide for long-term relationships but one of the first things they notice is How you look?


The physical appearance of the woman is what first captures the attention of a man. A woman’s face smile clothing makeup hairstyle and perfume all play an important role in the first impression she makes on a man.

Intelligence or common sense

Even though most men first notice a woman’s appearance than her intelligence, but men definitely like beauty with brains. A man notices about a woman appearance because it is the first thing they see and the first thing they will judge but they definitely look for intelligence quotient later on.

Men looking for long-term relationships are on the lookout for women who are both intelligent and can take care of themselves without needing another person to look after them.

When a man finds out that a woman has intelligence and common sense he will be more attracted to her; especially if he is looking for a long-term relationship.

things a man notices about a woman

Things a man notices about a woman 7 : A woman’s hips and walking

Or your rear. Let’s not kid ourselves, these drive men crazy. It is a reality that can not be denied. And of course, they look at your walk and the movement of each step you take …

A woman’s self-esteem and confidence

One of the things that a man notices about a woman is her self-esteem and confidence because these are two traits that reflect who she is as a person and how she interacts with other people. It is a fact that a woman’s self-esteem and confidence can be one of the most attractive qualities she has even overshadowing her average looks.

Women with low self-esteem perceive themselves as less desirable are less likely to initiate relationships. On the other hand women with high self-confidence have better relationships because they are more assertive in initiating relationships and do not need constant reassurance, that people find them desirable.

Most men will notice if a woman has these qualities or not and they will most likely be attracted to her because of it.

A woman’s Eyes

The eyes are the engine of falling in love. Beautiful and expressive eyes, according to the personality and having life and soul. The eyes SPELL! A loving and tender look is nice to feel and see it.

things a man notices about a woman

Things a man notices about a woman 10 : A woman’s personality and charisma

Men notice a woman’s personality and charisma when they first meet her as these traits cannot be fake. Men are surely attracted to physical appearance but it’s not always your cleavage or other physical attributes that attract them. Most men are attracted to your personality overall especially if they are looking for a long-term relationship and not a quick hookup.

Women with charisma know how to make others feel special which is what many guys notice first that she has powerful confidence that makes them want to keep her in mind. Men are attracted to how you look and carry yourself both when you are alone and when you are in a crowd.

Men are visual creatures and they immediately notice the way a woman looks. What they are looking for is a woman who will be a good match for them, they are looking for someone who is intelligent, confident and able to stand up for herself but also willing to compromise and support when necessary.

A woman’s outfit

The attire is also something that makes them fall in love. They notice if the garments are pretty and well placed on the body. Not so much if the clothing is quality or brand, but if it goes well according to the physical and your personality. Well-worn jeans, whatever the size, can generate attraction. Of course!

How do you interact with other people?

They do not like rude women with a bad attitude. They prefer and fall in love with educated and smart girls. Of good talking and affectionate. Bad words and women who misbehave with people, men prefer to avoid.

A woman’s Lips

They drive them crazy. There are all color types, but they do not always prefer them painted. Sometimes natural lips are much more sensual. What do you think?

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What are the first things a man notices about a woman in few seconds ?

7 things guys immediately notice about a woman

  1. The thickness of your hair. It’s all about progress.
  2. If Your Laugh Is Sincere. When you grin, your eyes wrinkle slightly
  3. Your Voice Pitch
  4. Your Hip-to-Waist Ratio
  5. Your Glowiness
  6. What’s Fake About You
  7. Your Eyes.

What makes a man fall in love with a woman at first sight?

They discovered that when a guy first meets a woman, “sexual chemistry” and “smiling” naturally rank high, but as time passes, fleshy excitement simmers, and he grows increasingly physically attracted to her, “kindness” and “sense of humor” rise to the top.

What is the first thing that a guy notices about you?

Your smile: A wide, genuine, and welcome smile will entice him to approach you. Sarcastic grins and befuddling smiles can only put him off! Your actions: A gorgeous look is nothing if you have a bad attitude. Your locks: Let’s face it, males are fascinated by your locks.


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