How to Become a Valuable and Successful woman?

In this article, I’ll tell you how to be valuable and successful woman with this seven action steps that will transform your life forever, but first, let’s define action and karma. Karma is nothing more than simply doing something rather than waiting for the ideal moment in the right time to override and begin swimming. When I was a little girl, my hygiene used to tell me the story, and it has followed me ever since.

It was the story of a farmer who had poor crop growth the previous year, but the Lord promised him a flourishing yield in the coming year, so the farmer was overjoyed and excited; obviously, he was going to have a very flourishing yield in the coming year, and he would keep going to his farm day after day, waiting for the best-crop to arrive.

The lord, on the other hand, was seated, owing to the farmer’s failure to complete his activity or even demonstrate the ground’s seas.

So the lord was just waiting, if the farmer sows the scenes in the farm then the God will actually give a very good rain that year and actually his crop would flourish. Ultimately, one day Lord came down and passing by the farmer suggested, why don’t you at least do your action and sow the seeds. Then the farmer sow the seeds and was waiting for a flourishing yield.

And Lord as promised finally give him a very flourishing yield, so what do we learn from the the stale is that you must carry out your action, and God will ensure that you do so.. So it is extremely important that you go on your action.

Moving forward, I request you all to take a lot of notes as I’m going to be discussing some life changing action basically today.

7 tips to be a Valuable and Successful woman

Be honest to yourself : Valuable and Successful woman

When you make decision to do anything, actually get down in a committed manner and devote yourself completely to doing it. Be honest to yourself what is most important to you is that you can lie to the whole world, but not to yourself, and that is what it really takes that stay committed and honest to yourself.

I’d like to add one more thing: it’s critical that you don’t postpone today’s task to tomorrow and commit yourself, Be true to yourself to achieve anything and that is the only way to achieve your dreams.

Speaking up : Valuable and Successful woman

Don’t worry about what the world is going to think, always speak up in righteousness, and especially your guiding force should only be the rightness or the wrongness in any circumstances.

When the intent is correct, your experience and speaking up will have an impact. whole world of difference to those around you, whether be it in your person or in your professional journey. So always speak up for yourself in the right light with the right intent.

Focus on service : Valuable and Successful woman

When we do anything with the intent of serving others with the intent of service the whole forces unite to help us to achieve that, we are near motive of grass on the ground, so always expressed gratitude to the Lord for anything and everything that is achieve.

When you don’t drop, the do not fight for your distress but fight for the disgrace of any and every weaker moment; who is unable and does not have the opportunity to stand up for herself, for them, and to fight back the demon that is there, the society and see what happens, God actually fight for us and made them defeated; so likewise, it is important to understand that when you’re fighting or when we are trying to do something only for the near motive of gaining profit out of it; it is totally something that is only very personal and belonging to us.

But when we make it as a mission and we make it as a vision for the larger purpose for the larger wellness of the society at large. That is when the whole forces actually unite to help you gain and achieve that mission, so what is have a service motive always have the intent to serve the people at large.

Keeping confidence: Valuable and Successful woman

Living your life with high confidence and the right attitude will define the person that you become in your life. Can you imagine Oprah’s grandmother telling her as a child that she needed to learn the household course so that she could find the right kind of white family who would love her for the kind of service she would provide?

Oprah’s grandmother was a domestic maid, and she taught her that one day she would make a good name for herself, but imagine it was Oprah’s confidence and attitude in life that propelled her to become the Queen of a nation? In her life, she had nothing except confidence and the correct height. Remember how he said in Three Idiots, “That’s the mentality, because that’s what’s going to get you when you intend.”

Listening : Valuable and Successful woman

You will be surprised, this is just like a magic wand in your hand just simply listening to somebody, I realized the power of this when one day I was in a meeting with an client who was otherwise sought to be somebody very difficult to deal with in the meeting, I just shared the necessary inputs I had to share, and after that, not having much more details to share.

I just stood back and listen carefully to him. and just took all the notes meticulously to whatever he was saying and consciously just repeated the last few words of every conversation in bit that we had.

At the end of our conversation, I just wrapped up the meeting with the detailed inputs of the meeting that we had had, he was so overwhelmed meticulously sharing the inputs with all the precision, that he was completely taken aback and needless to say that, we had a trade in .

That day I realized the power in just what it was to remain quiet and listen to the other person, because that is, when you make the other person feel that you have actually valued that person and you have given regard to that person and understood that person thoroughly

There’s very little importance to actually listening in communication we are all the time, just so eager to share our point of view and we are all the time so eager to talk that we actually even forget, the most imperative part of communication, which is listening.

And since I mentioned that it is actually magic and that it is all in your hands, try this part of communication in any conversation, and you will be amazed as well.. Just try in a personal conversation with your child or tried in a professional meeting and the outcome is going to be phenomenal always.

Managing your time : Valuable and Successful woman

We hear about it all the time, and it is something that a lot of times we want to do it, but in our daily course, we always forget how to do it, and we just get carried aside.

I’m sharing it with all of you, I’m sure you’d be able to fill in a lot of benefits with it; it’s as simple as taking a jar and trying to fill it with all of the small rocks and sand that you have, and then you’ll notice that the jar is almost three-fourths full. And now when you’re trying to put the big rocks inside the jar is almost cold and cannot take those big rocks.

But try reversing the whole process, Put the big rocks into the jar colors first, and then try pouring in the mud. The smaller rocks will go inside and make room for this. So what do we learn from this concept, The idea is that when you discuss your task list, always put the most important and prominent tasks at the top and begin working on the tasks that will have the greatest impact on that day.

Do this task first and then get down to doing the lesser importance task. As a result, we end up devoting the majority of our time to the urgent and then to trivial tasks; whereas we need to actually live in the quadrant to spend our maximum time in the important tasks the most important task and the non urgent task, because this is what is actually going to reverse our entire perspective, and that is actually going to generate the results that we just imagine that you I want to establish a large.

My entire activities and my day is always filled with going out for parties, meeting and doing some household and in my entire day, I have not even dedicated to us or six hours. Whatever I might have been filled to actually progress in my career, my business, if i don’t dedicated timeline to what I want to achieve, how on earth am I ever going to get there? We need to start questioning ourselves.

Days and days go by, and we always see one thing that, I will; set my schedule, I will do it but we actually never get out of doing it, so it is impacted that we actually give those work hours those manners to the tasks, which are important for us.

That is what is going to get us the results that we intend to get in the longer run and be able to establish algorithms because how much time we will give to our everyday course. these are never going to end, so always remember, to fill your day with the change; bringing actions; your most important actions, which are actually going to get you closer to dream.


Stop whining and stop gossiping : Valuable and Successful woman

7 tips to be a Valuable and Successful woman

And the last one, is my personal favorite stop whining and stop gossiping, you will be amazed at how much time in hand you are able to make but just stopping these two things. A lot of time finds ourselves complaining that I don’t have enough time to do what I want to do because we end up spending the majority of our time sitting idle and gossiping, possibly on the phone or with friends. maybe with family members.

When we get to all of the gossiping that we have intended to do; we get up and complain that I don’t have the time for these important things in my life and this one habit alone will give you ample of time at hand and then stop whining that day.

This day I stopped whining, blaming others for my failures and to control in my own hands. I saw an astounding change in my own personal life, and I can assure you; you will experience the same once you just actually stop whining and stop gossiping. Try it and alone by trying it if you will, and you can feel the difference.

Here all the points that I have shared with utility is really simple but trustworthy when you actually get down to doing them, you will realize that how much of patients and endurance and conscious efforts and it is going to take from your side to be able to do it.

At last I will end up with a short story that will leave you inspired, to actually take action and start living your dreams. It is about Aruna Sinha who lost her leg in an accident and when she lost her leg, she did not feel defeated, She believed there was a greater purpose for why God only took away one of her legs and not the other..

She decided to climb the Everest with one leg with all the bleeding and with all the pain she actually made it to the top of the Everest and brought about glories. She has actually left an inspiration for all women to go all out for their dreams. Have that bland raw headedness to achieve your dreams. So just simply stop setting, stop just dreaming and start taking actions to what you hear.

— Susanna tips and tricks


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