Magnetic woman : Grabs People attention

I’m going to discuss how to become a magnetic woman. Someone actually emailed me with a question. On Instagram, I did a quick Q&A. Someone asked me a specific question, and the question was, “How do you be that woman in the room who attracts people’s attention and draws everyone’s attention to her?”

I remember responding and saying, “Oh, I already have an article planned for this that I want to write but I’m not sure how interested people will be,” but when I saw that someone had asked me that question without even knowing that I was preparing for this article, I thought, “You know what, I think this is something that the girlies would like to know.”

Today, I’m going to talk about how you may have that magnetic energy that attracts people to you, that makes men want to be with you, that makes women want to be your friend, and that kind of thing, and we’ll talk about it all today.

Magnetic woman : what makes a woman magnetic

Let’s talk about this concept of being a magnetic woman Who is she? What does she look like? What’s her vibe? The magnetic woman to me is that woman that when you walk into a room all eyes are on her right like she just like takes your breath away and she doesn’t necessarily have to be the prettiest person in the room.

I think that’s a misconception everyone kind of feels like you have to be the most sort of like societally pretty to be the most magnetic person in the room and that’s just not the case.

Being magnetic has really nothing to do with your appearance or like what God blessed you with essentially it more so has to do with the energy that you bring into any given scenario any given place and I find that when I’m in a social situation and someone walks in that just has an energy that is simultaneously calming and also very confident.

That’s the person that I’m like okay they have that magnetic energy, the certain something that draws people to them and makes them want to you know learn more. Being a magnetic woman can help you in a variety of areas in your life whether it’s in the workforce or in the dating field it just is having the ability to capture the attention of people around you she kind of demands that respect and you want to give it to her.

Activate your feminine charm : Magnetic woman

I think that something that’s a little bit lost in society today is having feminine charm. How growing up my mom always taught me this word which was coquettish and it basically just means like flirty.

I always kind of utilized that like had that word as a sort of like underlying theme when I would be in certain social scenarios so of course it’s not going to be appropriate to be like flirty at work like obviously that’s not appropriate. But in certain social situations there is a sort of like feminine charm and a way of looking at people and engaging with people that’s very magnetic.

There are lot of elements like body language, eye contact that we can bring into our feminine charm and be able to sort of win over the people that we are in conversation with a woman who has feminine charm is someone who really owns who she is she might be a little bit quirky and she might make a couple witty jokes and not take things too seriously.

But also just embody that sort of flirtatious spirit that we don’t see often and of course I have to put like the disclaimer in here that I you know I recognize that as women there is a sort of like line and a safety aspect, because you don’t want to give people the wrong expectation when you activate that feminine charm.

I think you can use your own discernment to kind of know when it’s appropriate to kind of be a little coquettish be a little flirty and activate that feminine charm. I do think that aids in being a magnetic woman.

Have Passions : Magnetic woman

Magnetic woman : what makes a woman magnetic

The first way that we can have this sort of magnetic energy is to have passions I want to go a little bit deeper in depth. As I mentioned; i don’t think that we live in a society that really sort of hones in on how important it is to have passions.

We have these passions as we’re young and then as we grow up and as we get older we sort of lose our passion and we don’t really know what we’re passionate about anymore and this isn’t necessarily our fault this is just the way that our society is set up.

Our society is built up for us to focus on work and little else, and we don’t have the opportunity to build passions as adults, which is why I’m always preaching the importance of having hobbies and doing them on Instagram. I let everyone know a few nights ago that I was going to take my first dance class since 2019; if you guys are new here, you may not know this, but I grew up as a competitive dancer and danced through high school, college, and a little after college.

Once the pandemic hit obviously dance studios were closed and it was just wasn’t feasible to be able to take dance classes because there was nowhere to take them so I hadn’t I hadn’t taken a class since 2019 and I have to tell you guys it felt so good to get back into doing something that I just love so much to get back into just a run-of-the-mill jazz class and like go across the floor and if you guys are dancers you know what I’m talking about like there’s nothing makes me feel more alive than across the floor.

Dance is one of my passions it always has been it’s been something that has gotten me through rough times something that I’ve used to celebrate being able to tap back into that passion really helped me sort of connect back into myself and so how this relates to being a magnetic woman is that when you are in a social setting or when you are on a date or when you’re like with anyone.

when you have that passion that you’ve cultivated and that you spend time doing and that you really enjoy, when you talk about that with someone you just light up as I’m sure you guys kind of just saw when I was talking about dance you light up there’s something inside of you that makes other people want to know more about what you’re talking about because you have this zest for it you have this excitement surrounding this particular topic.

Whatever your passion is I would highly encourage you to spend more time doing it because when you have an opportunity to talk about those passions with other people they will be able to see just how much you love it just how much it lights your soul on fire and that is one of the things I notice about magnetic people is that they have those passions and when they talk about them you can really see it behind their eyes.

Be Expressive : Magnetic woman

A magnetic woman is one who is expressive, and I believe that in this discourse about femininity, there is a lot of talk about not being expressive, not expressing your entire view, and not being true, and I believe that this is something that we must not do.

Because the last thing you want to do is suffocate or extinguish the fire inside of you that is raging and that you know is passionate and has views and feels about things. The magnetic lady, in my opinion, is expressive in the sense that she has thoughts and something to say. Of course, there is a time and a place for everything, so you won’t be expressing your views on particular topics all of the time or everywhere.

But I do believe that the magnetic woman owns her opinions, her thoughts, and her feelings about things, and she’s able to articulate those things in a really beautiful and expressive way when you think about it, whenever you’ve been in a social situation and there’s a magnetic woman in your presence, more often than not she’s expressive in the sense that she’s able to articulate things, she’s able to give you a full picture of whatever it is that she’s trying to express.

Leaves room for Magic : Magnetic woman

Magnetic woman : what makes a woman magnetic

As well on that same topic I do think that a magnetic woman leaves room for magic and for playfulness. Again as we as we age as we get older you know there isn’t much room for playfulness; there isn’t much room for whimsy and I really love how in the feminine community and in the slow living community we really talk about you know romanticizing your life and bringing in that sense of whimsy and play and fun I think that a magnetic woman she really doesn’t take life too seriously.

There’s a really fine line between you know taking yourself seriously and presenting yourself in a certain way and then taking it too far to where now we’re feeling a little stiff now we’re feeling unrelatable, which is why on this article I try my best to sort of like show my humanity and show the fact that like yeah my nails don’t make any sense right now or anything that’s going to help you relate to me better.

Because I do think that in this you know especially in the sort of like level up community and things like that there really is this focus on being perfect and I don’t think that the goal as women it should ever be to be perfect because perfectionism like not only does it ruin your day like it ruins your life perfect.

Doesn’t exist so there’s no point in trying to strive for it right there’s just that’s like that’s a losing battle what we should try to strive for however is finding areas in our life where we can inject fun inject play of course within the construct of being disciplined and getting our work done.

But also having aspects of like remembering who we were like remembering those things that made us really excited as young adults or as children. Because when we’re young you know we leave all the room in the world for play and for whimsy and excitement and then as we get older we just don’t put as much importance on those things.

So a magnetic woman is the woman you know when she’s talking to you; she’s joking, laughing, having a good time, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, she’s not stiff, she’s not trying to be flawless, she’s not trying to present a perfect woman.

I think another good way to do this is when we have those opportunities to spend time with other women in particular you know instead of just doing something like doing a boozy brunch or you know bottomless mimosas or whatever it may be we might want to consider other things that sort of connect us as women but also create that sense of play and whimsy and fun.

Whether it’s like doing a fun activity where you all go to the park and you bring like paint and easels and you try like painting what you see at the park or if you decide to play like an improv game on the beach or in the forest or like there are many ways we can inject play and fun into our lives.

I believe we need to start looking for new ways to accomplish this rather than just following the script of what it means to be an adult. We can do other things, find other ways to inject a sense of freedom, joy, and play into our lives.


Maintains a sense of mystery : Magnetic woman

Last but not least, the magnetic woman maintains a sense of mystery. I understand that these things may appear to be counterproductive, such as how are you supposed to be expressive while also maintaining a sense of mystery, and I do believe that there is a fine line here, and the more you practice these things, the easier it will be, but the magnetic woman she also leaves room for mystery, and for there to be questions about her, she leaves room for there to be

We live in a world where giving your opinion and letting everyone know what you think is so important that while the magnetic woman is expressive and has these opinions, that doesn’t mean she shares them all the time or that she’s just going around letting everyone know what’s going on in her life all the time. An aura of mystery is incredibly appealing; it makes others want to be around you because they don’t know much about you and are just intrigued.

But there’s another side to the magnetic woman: she’s mysterious. Don’t feel obligated to talk about your personal life, your personal ideas, and everything that’s wrong in your life all of the time; it’s not expected, and it’s not necessary when it comes to being magnetic. I’ve noticed that many of the people I’m drawn to aren’t out here telling you everything about their personal lives, which I believe is not only a really admirable trait, but also one of the hallmarks of a fascinating girl.

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