Mother's Day Flowers 2024

Mother’s Day Flowers 2024: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Blooms

Mother’s Day is all about honoring the special women in our lives who have helped shape us into who we are. What better way to show your love and gratitude than with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? Flowers have a long history as a traditional Mother’s Day gift for good reason – they convey thoughtfulness and beauty. Their colorful petals and sweet scents never fail to delight.

In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about choosing the perfect Mother’s Day flowers for the leading lady in your life. We’ll go over popular blooms, floral meanings, color symbolism, delivery options, and more to help you pick a gift mom is sure to cherish.

When is Mother’s Day 2024 and How Early Should You Order Flowers?

Mother’s Day in the United States always falls on the second Sunday in May each year. For 2024, that means the holiday is coming up on Sunday, May 12th – so mark your calendars!

When it comes to ordering flowers, it’s highly recommended to place your order 1-2 weeks in advance if you want the best selection at the best prices. The actual week of Mother’s Day is the single busiest time of year for florists. Going in early allows them to better accommodate special requests and personal customizations. It also gives online flower delivery services ample time to arrange transportation of your floral gift.

So aim to finalize your flower order by the end of April or very first few days of May at the latest. This avoids limited options or last minute delivery fees that can happen with rushed, same-day orders. Trust us, both you and your chosen florist will thank you for planning ahead!

History of Mother’s Day Celebrations

The creation of Mother’s Day in the United States is largely credited to a woman named Anna Jarvis. In 1908, she began advocating for a day to honor all mothers following the death of her own beloved mother. By 1911, nearly every state observed the holiday, albeit on different dates.

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a measure officially establishing the second Sunday in May as a national holiday called Mother’s Day. It was declared a day to publicly express love and reverence for mothers as well as recognize the sacrifices mothers make for their children.

Over the decades, many Mother’s Day traditions emerged. Wearing a white carnation became associated with honoring a deceased mother, while pink and red carnations symbolized she’s living. Phone calls between mothers and families became customary. And gifting expected staples include flowers, jewelry, chocolate, gift baskets, spa packages, and taking mom out to a nice restaurant.

Some interesting facts about the history of the holiday include:

  • Anna Jarvis actually became dissatisfied with the commercialization of Mother’s Day. She wanted the focus to be sentiment, not purchasing gifts.
  • President Woodrow Wilson’s own mother had passed away being hit by a car, so Mother’s day held special meaning for him.
  • Spain celebrates a similar Día de la Madre each March.
  • Most countries designate Mother’s Day to fall in March or May.

Knowing the backstory gives more significance to why we designate this special spring Sunday to moms!

When it comes to selecting flowers for a Mother’s Day floral gift, you have plenty of beautiful blooms to choose from. But several varieties consistently rank among the top flowers purchased during the holiday every year. Here is an overview of classic flower gift ideas mom is guaranteed to fawn over:


Roses instantly evoke admiration and romance. These classic blooms never cease to impress with their timeless elegance – making them perfectly suited for expressing your utmost love and gratitude towards mom on her special day.

Red is the most popular rose color due to symbolizing deep affection. But roses have extensive options from pale peach to vibrant hot pink to variegated bi-color styles. You can also opt for orange roses representing pride or coral ones embodying desire. Don’t forget lavender roses conveying enchantment!

With so many meanings and aesthetic possibilities, part of roses’ enduring appeal is finding just the right shade in a lush bouquet to reflect how your mom makes you feel. Prices range widely based on type, size, origin, and quantity purchased. But roses certainly make a statement.


Carnations offer a budget-friendly alternative to roses while still bringing beauty and sweetness with their delicate, ruffled petals. Their name stems from “coronation” or “flower of the gods”. Single-stemmed carnation buds often get incorporated alongside more expensive blooms like in mixed flower arrangements.

Thanks to their long vase life and good shipping durability, carnations remain affordable to order from top online delivery sites. Traditional red carnations signify admiration, but light pink symbolizes pure motherly love. So they bring perfect sentimentality to gifts for mom.


Lilies impress recipients with their large, vibrant blooms and intense floral scent. Many types like Asiatic, Oriental, and La hybrid lilies evoke thoughts of Easter with their trumpet shapes and bright whites to deep purples. Others like Calla lilies have more delicate profiles.

Regardless of the variety, lilies feel lush, expansive and rapturous like a flower straight from a dream – perfect for celebrating moms who gave you the world. And their ample blossoms let florists incorporate touches of greenery to really make a statement arrangement.


Nothing says springtime like cheerful Tulips! These flowers burst onto the scene each April and May, making them a fitting symbol of the renewal and warmth associated with Mother’s Day.

While available year-round nowadays, tulips retain their special aura thanks to an incredible range of colors, patterns, bloom shapes and sizes. Pick a classic red to celebrate a mother’s love. Go for pinks or corals to convey gentleness. Or wow mom with unique parrot tulips or fringed styles.

Tulips impress while also being budget-friendly – especially if you order ahead of peak season. Pair them with other in-season spring blooms for a stunning gift.


Orchids make up one of the largest flower families, with over 25,000 unique species. While quite expensive and rare over a century ago, advances in orchid propagation mean these elegant blooms now stand as more accessible floral gifts. Their graceful strength and timeless beauty convey admiration.

The most common orchid varieties feature slender stems topped by a single showy blossom in white, purple, yellow or pink. Their alluring speckles and markings add distinctive flair. Arrangements often incorporate them as statement focal points among other flowers.

For longer lasting enjoyment, you can also gift mom vibrant potted orchid plants versus cut stems. Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium orchids thrive as houseplants with proper care. Just be sure to include tips on ideal lighting conditions and watering based on the specific type you choose.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Flowers

Now that you know today’s most popular Mother’s Day flower options, next comes narrowing down what specific bouquet or arrangement to pick. Here are some factors to take into account:

Mom’s Favorite Flower/Color

If you know your mom has a special affinity for roses, tulips, peonies or other bloom, then choosing an arrangement featuring her absolute favorite flower type is a no-brainer. It makes the gift instantly more thoughtful and personal.

Or if you know mom loves the colors pink and purple for example, selecting flowers in those hues helps ensure an even bigger smile. Whenever possible, incorporate what you know to be her preferences. Just be sure to confirm the florist actually has those flower types and colors in stock first before ordering!

Floral Meanings

In the Victorian Era, people developed an extensive language of flowers tied to different symbolic definitions. And those traditional floral meanings carry through today.

For instance, daisies represent new beginnings and innocence. Irises symbolize eloquence and hope. Lilies convey devotion. And chrysanthemums mean optimism and joy.

Pick flowers that communicate the exact sentiment you want to share with your beloved mother. Mixing a few blooms with different meanings also adds depth to your message. Just be careful about more somber representations – you likely want an exclusively cheerful Mother’s Day bouquet!


One of the best parts of receiving fresh flowers is getting to appreciate their sweet perfume whenever you’re nearby. Roses, gardenias, jasmine, lilacs, daphne and hyacinth all fill rooms with lovely fragrance.

Scented blooms really ramp up the sensory delight of a floral gift. But before ordering them, consider if your mom has any allergies. You never want Mother’s Day flowers to actually cause misery instead of joy. Unscented options like orchids and tulips make great alternatives if allergies are a concern.

How to Make Your Floral Gift Extra Special

While flower selection lays the foundation for a sensational Mother’s Day bouquet, you can incorporate some special touches to amplify the wow-factor. Going the extra mile reminds mom how much she truly means to you while creating a presentation even more splendid and creative.

Add Greenery and Fillers

Quality florists know how to support beautiful blooms with attractive botanical accents. Consider asking your chosen shop to incorporate eucalyptus, lemon leaf, salal, or trailing ivy to add lushness and intrigue. Having a good “filler to flower” ratio makes arrangements look abundant.

Florists may also suggest pairings like hypericum berries for pops of contrast, or silver bunia balls for touchable texture. Keep an open mind for accent greenery and fillers that make floral designs pop.

Upgrade with Vase or Extras

Another avenue for enhancing your flower gift is opting for an upgraded vase or container. For traditional bouquets, etched glass adds elegant flair. Metallic finishes modernize. And ceramic vessels provide artisanal charm.

You might also select a basket, flower box, or topiary form for bold living plants (orchids, roses) rather than cut arrangements. Details like decorative bows or embellished skewers further fancy up flowers.

And don’t forget you can always supplement blooms with supplementary items like luxe chocolate truffles, teddy bears, scented candles, or decorative balloons. Towering arrangements that incorporate multiple gift elements can really have that “wow” presentation factor.

Best Places to Order Flowers Online for Mother’s Day

Thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever to surprise mom with beautiful flowers on Mother’s Day – even from across the country! National shipping services allow you to select stunning arrangements and gifts that arrive fresh at mom’s doorstep at an appointed date and time.

Here is an overview of popular online floral and gift delivery websites to consider for hassle-free Mother’s Day presents:


This flower retail giant offers same-day delivery for last minute gifter’s as well as expansive selection of floral arrangements, plants, gift baskets and gourmet treats for mom. They contract with local florists nationally to fulfill orders.

FTD Flowers

Operating for over 100 years, FTD provides gorgeous bouquets, sweet confections and lavish spa sets. Their site makes it simple to filter by price point and occasion. Expect artistically crafted blooms.


If mom loves modern, minimalist style, UrbanStems features truly original bouquets and lush plants in vases. They specialize in unique varieties like ranunculi and anemones.

The Bouqs Company

The Bouqs sustainably sources blooms directly from eco-friendly farms, for guilt-free gifting. Their flowers impress with long freshness and consistent quality. Gift mom a monthly subscription for continual enjoyment.

FAQ on Mother’s Day Flowers 2024

What is the official flower of mothers?

White carnations are considered the official flower of mothers and motherhood. Anna Jarvis distributed 500 white carnations during the first official Mother’s Day ceremony in 1908. Their pure color symbolized the sincerity, love and sacrifice all mothers devote towards their children. To this day, wearing a white carnation on Mother’s Day honors a deceased mother while pink carnations go to mothers still living.

What flower is for Mother’s Day?

While white carnations hold historical meaning for Mother’s Day, today there are many popular flower choices commonly gifted during the holiday including:

  • Roses – Available in virtually endless colors, roses symbolize love and gratitude towards moms. Red roses remain most popular.
  • Tulips – Their springtime blooming season makes cheerful tulips a perfect Mother’s Day choice. They come in rainbow bright hues.
  • Lilies – Impressive oriental lilies with huge blossoms and strong fragrance equate to floral luxury.
  • Orchids – Exotic, elegant flowers that impress recipients. Potted orchids make nice living plants.
  • Carnations – Traditional, long-lasting cut flowers; especially pink and white shades fit the occasion’s meaning.

What is Mother’s Day special flower?

  • In the United States, white and pink carnations are considered the special flowers that hold tradition dating back to Mother’s Day’s early celebrations over a century ago.
  • However, any blooms gifted from a child to their mother on Mother’s Day take on special meaning. Favorite flowers or arrangements in mom’s preferred color also make heartfelt gifts.

What are the flowers for Mother’s Day in Dubai?

Popular flower choices gifted for Mother’s Day celebrations in Dubai include:

  • Roses – Particularly colored red, pink or white to symbolize love.
  • Lilies – Dramatic blooms that convey respect and admiration of mothers.
  • Orchids – Elegant flowering plant suitable for the holiday devoted to moms.
  • Gerbera Daisies – Symbolize innocence and purity associated with motherhood.

Final Thoughts on Mother’s Day Flower Gifting

Moms give their love unconditionally throughout our lives. From kissing skinned knees to doling out sage advice, they nurture us. Mother’s Day presents the perfect chance for us to return a small fraction of that warmth and care through heartfelt gestures of appreciation.

And thoughtfully selected flowers that communicate just how much you cherish your mother never fail to delight on this special holiday meant to honor her. They convey your message through their beautiful appearance and fragrant scents.

Hopefully this guide provided helpful tips and inspiration as you shop for the picture-perfect Mother’s Day flower gift to make mom smile. From rose classics to locally-sourced stunners, the options cater to every preference and budget. Just focus on ordering 1-2 weeks early for best availability and pricing.

Most importantly, remember that no matter what floral present you choose, adding your own personalized card note expressing what mom means to you gives any bouquet that irreplaceable personal touch. For other gift ideas like our favorite self-care sets for pampering or advise on planning celebratory Mother’s Day activities, check out

Wishing you and all the phenomenal moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day 2024! May it overflow with sweet moments and the types of flowers as unique as each of you.


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