The most powerful woman

How to Become the Most Powerful Woman?

Let’s find out how to be a powerful woman I want to be clear that we are still in a society that is constantly telling women that we are not meant to be powerful; that we are the second hand of the man and that we can’t be our own independent powerful women.

But things are starting to shift they’ve been shifting for some time but I do want to be clear that we are still in a society that doesn’t quite understand powerful women yet.

So when you’re on the journey to becoming a powerful woman you will get backlash there will be judgments from people all over the world whether it’s your close friends and family or people that do not know you; that will critique you for being assertive for putting your foot down.

Being a woman in power whether that’s in your success or if it’s just a woman that stands her ground so I want you to know right here right now that in order to be a powerful woman you have to be able to tune out the voices of both society and people that you know that will not know how to handle a powerful woman.

The most powerful woman

Stay focused and organized 

My next tip is to stay focused and organized I know this can be a tough one for us disorganized folks; but do what you can to be organized so find what comes naturally to you for me when it comes to my organization.

I only have a planner, and if I know something is on the calendar, I write it down in my planner so that I can keep track of everything.

But staying focused is also important be mindful of what is distracting you from your goals and from what you want in your life we have so many distractions these days we have so many quick fixes of things that will satisfy us in the moment but will not fulfill us in the long run.

This is something that resonated very deeply with me I was listening to a podcast that talks about false desires and true desires.

And when you’re going to do something for me it’s scrolling on social media or playing video games those are some of the things for me and think about what you’re going to do in that moment does that desire fulfill who you want to become or does it fulfill just a quick fix in this moment that will keep you from doing constant empty things that maybe satisfy that quick fix, but really do not fulfill you in the long run.

Be who you want to be 

The next important thing is to be who you want to be; think about the quote dress for the job you want not for the job you have it’s important that you are constantly presenting yourself like how you want to be, but not necessarily who you already are because what’s going to happen is the more you continuously do it; you become that person but people perceive you to already be there and then you attract opportunities that fulfill that goal.

Set Intentions 

The most important is that you must be a powerful woman who sets intentions for all she does. I like to set intentions for things as little as before I’m eating a meal or if I’m going to meet up with a friend I always set my intentions for how things are going to pan out if you’re going in a meeting set the intention for it; if you live an intentional life you will find that the universe starts to bend to the intentions that you want, so always set intentions before anything that you do and you go in with your a strong head on your shoulders and knowing exactly what you want.

Kind and Compassionate 

The next thing about being a powerful woman I like to consider being kind and compassionate, but also assertive the perfect cocktail for success this has worked wonders in my own life and I find that when women are starting to seek being powerful.

We tend to think that we have to take on the traits of men and I found this a lot when I started to deal with my own business and negotiations.

I felt like I had to be more of a man in negotiations because I felt that being a soft or being overly kind was not working in my favor in negotiations. I want to emphasize that in order to be successful, you must strike a balance; you do not have to abandon your kindness or compassion.

But find that perfect balance approach people with that compassion but also let them know that you mean business and you do not take the next amazing thing for being a powerful woman is to have standards.

This goes for many things but of course it means relationships too but also in your job you have to have standards or else people will set them for you and trust me you do not want that if you let everyone else define what your standards are you’re going to be living at the bare minimum relationships you set the standard and we all have different standards.

And I’ll give you an example for me a standard in my life I have to be with somebody who is respectful of my time and is respectful of my career I am very driven in my career and where people do not respect and they don’t like it when I prioritize my career and that’s not okay with me a standard for me is that they leave space for me to be successful in my career.

This is an just an example but you need to have standards across the board go in knowing this is what I want this is what I’ll settle for anything below that I walk away.

The most powerful woman

Do not just prioritize work 

Powerful women do not just prioritize work I do tend to get lost in this myself I’ always learning balance i tend to prioritize my work a lot but it’s not the only thing that we should be prioritizing please prioritize your well-being and having days where you just treat yourself and find peace in stillness do not just drill yourself working 24 /7 you will not become your best version of yourself that way you won’t you’ll burn yourself out so find that balance and find things that feed your soul while you’re also pursuing your dreams.

Go outside from your comfort zone

This one is so important but go outside of your comfort zone you are not going to find your most powerful self in your comfort zone. Every single thing I’ve had happen in my life whether intentional or not that made me uncomfortable; ultimately led to me becoming a more powerful woman.

But do the things that you can intentionally control that take you outside of your comfort zone for me that was like just taking photos in public or being able to shoot content in front of people in public that was a big thing for me;.

But once I got past that I started to create some of the best content that I’ve made taking photos that I would have never been able to take if I hadn’t been able to take a photo in front of the public eye.

So think about that go outside of your comfort zone it will be momentarily uneasiness for long-term power and joy.

Sex Appeal : The most powerful woman

I want to be clear as I mentioned before we live in a society that tells women that their value is based off of their looks and this like the sexual appeal that they can provide. What I want to say to you is that while I believe it is a negative trait that we have adapted from society, I believe we can use it to our advantage because we live in a society that tells us our value is based on our appearance.

I believe we can also evoke people seeing value in us based on how we present ourselves. So, while I believe it is a negative trait that we have adapted from society, I believe we can use it to our advantage because we live in a society that tells

The way that i carry myself the way that I present myself I always try to carry this allure about me. I do talk about is dressing in a way that makes you feel confident that makes you feel sexy that makes you feel attractive and when I say attractive I don’t mean by the barometers of society I mean what makes you feel like you’re attracting the things you want to you and that differs for everybody.

But you figure out what it is for you, and another important aspect of having sex appeal and applying it is how we smell. When it comes to becoming powerful or confident, I constantly emphasize the importance of the senses. People perceive you by their senses, such as smell, sight, and so on.

Prepare for the Worst 

Something that I do in my life is I prepare for the worst but I hope for the best I don’t want to say that I always expect things to not go as planned but I’m always prepared in case that happens I never get thrown off guard by life loves to throw curveballs at you non-stop and I’ve learned to just embrace that and powerful women.

Do we know that life is not going to be perfect things are not going to flow smoothly all the time we’re not going to be extraordinarily happy all of the time there’s going to be curveballs that happen and it’s important that you prepare for them as much as possible but just prepare for things to not go as planned.

Hope and expect that they will and have that expectation that things are flowing for you but also prepare that they just may not and that’s okay when one door closes another one opens.

Be Resilient

My next tip is to be resilient is that every time that you get knocked down you get back up living a fulfilled life is not that you don’t get knocked. Because you will over and over and over again forever.

I hate to break it to you but there’s always going to be those things that knock you down but what’s most important is that we see it for what it is and we know that this isn’t going to keep me down; I will not let things keep me down because I serve a bigger purpose than this I have a future.

I’m looking forward to and if I let myself dwell and sit in this I’m not going to reach my fullest potential because I am too busy dwelling on the negative things that have happened to me; I will not be able to move forward and we truly do learn so much in every moment that gets us down and it’s not that we should have those moments happen to us because some of us have really ugly things that happen to us.

But we have no choice but to learn what we can from it and continuously move forward and that way we can continuously become the best version of ourselves be resilient do not let them get you down.

Do not compare yourself 

The next big thing is do not compare yourself to other people; I know it’s a tough one especially in the age of social media but you have to continuously unlearn it keep telling yourself how important it is to unlearn this because you are so unique.

There is nobody like you nobody can be you are this perfect existence of who you are meant to be; you are exactly as you are meant to be you were created to be exactly who you are, when you compare yourself to other people you’re losing your fullest sense of self you’re becoming a copycat version of somebody else rather than the beautiful authenticity of who you are and remember that if we were all the exact same life would be really boring.

No more comparison own who you are there’s strong power in that something that I had to learn myself is the divine femininity of receiving, I grew up in a household my parents were divorced at a pretty young age and I was primarily with my mother and so my mom heavily played the roles of both parents in my childhood which means she took care of everything and so growing up I became hyper independent.

And I did not allow anyone to help me with anything ever, I insisted on doing everything myself and was really had a really hard time with letting anyone help me or provide to me without me feeling icky towards them like I don’t need your help; like I could do it on my own we do not need

to do everything on our own and I have seen such doors open for me since I really have allowed that to set in since I’ve let people help me; since I’ve let people give to me I’m learning still how to receive to this day and still a work in progress for me but it’s so important as women you know for so long we were never the provider and now we’re swinging in another age where women are doing everything.

Not only are we having our full careers but we’re also running the household and now we’re doing everything and running ourselves dry so we have to learn to receive we have to learn to let people help us so that way we can find that balance.

Don’t be frightened to be yourself

My next tip is do not be afraid to be who you are you’re gonna get backlash for being your authentic self it’s gonna happen people are tell you you’re too loud or you have too many boundaries there’s so many ridiculous things.

That people will tell you once you start to stand your ground and be your authentic self; and you gotta shrug it off do not be afraid to be who you are being your authentic self is the gift that keeps on giving and the people that will judge you for it are the people that are too afraid to be their authentic selves.

Do not let that hold you back don’t be afraid to laugh loudly and to take up space and to be who you are; I meet a lot of women that talk to me about getting ghosted or thinking people are out of their league and just being insecure and doubting themselves.

Women are so powerful and you want to know why I know women are powerful because this society has done everything in its power to tell us that we’re not. They are so terrified of our potential that they have done everything they can to prevent us from realizing it; you can have everything you desire if you believe it is possible.

Do not be afraid to stand out : The most powerful woman

My next tip is do not be afraid to stand out when you become powerful or when you’re your authentic self you’re going to stand out from other people; the most successful people, the people that go down in history, are people who stood out they’re not people who blended in with the crowd.

So if you want to become significant if you want to be your most powerful self you will have to stand out and it will be uncomfortable and people will have negative opinions; but you’re becoming the best version of yourself and the only opinion that matters is the one of yourself.

Own your imperfections : The most powerful woman

My next tip is to own your imperfections; none of us are perfect but also all of us are perfectly imperfect own your imperfections I was really conditioned into thinking I should hate all of these things about myself we all have imperfections, own them be proud of them and remind yourself that we are all perfectly imperfect and that’s what makes you unique.


Treat Everyone Equally : The most powerful woman

My next tip for being a powerful woman is to treat everyone equally now I want to be clear I do believe in treating people how they deserve to be treated I do not continuously give positive energy to people that treat me like let’s be clear that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about no matter what people’s status is, powerful woman do not see people lower than them; nor do we see people higher than us; we treat everyone in a high regard of course unless they treat you like scum of the earth.

Then I give you my full permission to not take the high road I think as women were also conditioned to always take the high road so when I think when it’s applicable we can take the low road all right be respectful of people no matter what their status is, if you’re among people that do not have the same privileges that you do treat them kindly treat them with respect. Powerful women are able to relate to everyone.

Lift others Up : The most powerful woman

My last tip for you in being a powerful woman is to lift others up and most importantly do not put others down; because the only people that feel the need to put other people down are people that think I have to put you down because you’re above me and I have to bring you to my level but that’s not how powerful women think we’re all beings that are created from the same energy.

So I try to treat others as such, and I try to lift others up as much as I can because I know that in a society where people are lifted up, the world will be a better place, and they will love themselves and feel loved, and it will be a far more enjoyable world to be in. So I hope you learned something from this article, and tell me what makes you feel powerful in the comments below.

— Susanna Tips and Tricks

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