10 Fabulous clothes to hide belly in dress

Fabulous clothes to Hide belly and know how to hide belly by dressing

Belly fat is something that most of us are concerned about at least at some point in our lives. So that is why I want to share with you the 10 waves that will immediately make those love handles disappear.

Shift dress

What is a shift dress? Shift dress is a strict up and down design, because it’s straight up and down it doesn’t draw attention to your midsection. so compared with some tighter knit addresses shift dresses are one of the most flattering silhouettes; for justice if you want to hire belly.

High-waisted everything

10 Fabulous clothes to hide belly in dress

I personally love high-waisted bottoms whether it’s jeans, Penn’s, Oscars. High-waisted bottoms do a wonderful job when it comes to making your belly less noticeable. Because the go past your natural waistline is higher than the natural waist that will make your belly fat less noticeable; plus if you are short high-waisted design will make your legs look longer. So if you have a heavier midsection go is high-waisted anything.

Empire waist

This one Empire waist is often recommended by stylists to people to women who want to hide their midsection. But I have mixed reviews about Empire waist. What is an Empire waist? Empire waist it’s higher than your natural waistline.

Sometimes a waistband starts right under your chest Empire waist which could be very flattering but some of the would Empower waist design could also make you look like you’re pregnant. Not all the empire waist design is created equally.

I suggest you try them out and find what works the best for you don’t want the Empire design to be empire waist to beat you exaggerated you want to have a modest and Empire waist design that is just enough to cover your belly and without giving you the pregnant look.


Ruching is one of the most geniuses designs in fashion in my opinion. What is Ruching? Ruching the German is on the hanger some creases on the garment. But when you wear them those creases will smooth out if the Russian design waist area they will make your midsection look much sooner.

I discovered their ruching design can be so flattering for women with midsection concern a few years ago, and since then I have purchased numerous dresses or tops with the ruching design, and they have always worked whenever you want to hide your belly. So if you have never tried a ruching design go ahead and try the ruched dresses or ruched tops and they are amazing.

Asymmetrical Hem

Asymmetrical Hem is a very genius design in my view to hide belly. Because it’s either one side is longer than other or two sides are longer and the middle is shorter. These kind of designs distract people’s attention away from your midsection so they make your belly less noticeable.

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Tunic with Leggings

Wear long shirts with tights, you can try wearing Tunic with tights because tunics have been only designed, they will not draw attention to your midsection I do not recommend wearing tunic with wide leg pants, because another part of this tunic does add value, you want to balance it out by wearing it with tights.

Especially when you’re petite you don’t want to be loose for top to bottom because that will expand you horizontally, and will only make you look wider and shorter. So you can balance it out by wearing looser tops was tighter bottoms.

10 Fabulous clothes to hide belly in dress

Layers smartly

Layering can be a great way to hide your belly. I suggest you try a longer cardigan on top of a blouse. Because the cardigan is longer it will draw attention away from your midsection you want to make sure the blouse is not too tight, because of course if it’s too tight it’s go legal make your midsection look worse if you want the best result I suggest wearing contrasting colors.

You can wear lighter cardigan on top of darker blouse and not way it will make your midsection look smaller or you can also try lighter undershirt and dark cardigan. The dark cardigan has a slimming effect that will also make your midsection look less noticeable.

Pull on Jeans with built in waist Panel

Instead of wearing jeans with zippers, you try jeans with bulting Panel. Jeans with building panels have two benefits to women who want to hide their belly fat. First because they don’t have zippers they are not joined attention to your midsection and zippers tend to have a protruding effect and that will only make your midsection look worse.

If you have you’re wearing jeans or pants with builting Panos they are going to smoothen it out for your midsection and make your belly fat less noticeable.

Supportive Bra

Wear supportive bra if you’re worried why bras matter to help you hide your belly fat, I’ll tell you here’s a reason. Most of women who have heavy midsections also have fuller chest so if you are not wearing bras with enough support it may look like your chest and your waist lacks definition, now will only make your situation look worse.

If you wear bras with good support it does two things to you first they will make your chest look like they’re in the right place in comparison will make your check waistline look smaller. And also a good bra also helps a lot with your posture.

Choose shapewear wisely

Finally be selective with your shapewear. With shapewear I have mixed reviews there’s many different types of shape wares I have personally found a lot of them are not very comfortable some of them are really hard to put them on and take them off. So when you are looking for shapewear you first want to make sure you are comfortable in them that’s it. I do think ways meet you have where that will help us especially when you are going to an important event.

These are the top 10 things that will help you smooth out your midsection and Hydra belly fat if there are other tips you have leave a comment below.

How to hide belly? : 8 things you should stop wearing now

10 Fabulous clothes to hide belly in dress

I want to talk about How to hide belly fat? Here’s eight things you should not do. There could be many reasons maybe you have gained some weight recently or maybe it’s just genetics. If you happen to be one of the body types like, I am an apple shake I could be skinny elsewhere but I should always, I always have to watch out for the belly. So that’s why in today’s video I want to talk about what you should avoid if you have midsection concern.

Button Fly Jeans

Button fly jeans I personally love this design I think they’re so cute but it has the same problem, the button fly jeans they are designed to draw attention to the front. If you have slender waist you probably will find this design very cute, but if your intention is to distract people from noticing your belly then you don’t want to wear button fly Jeans

Stay away from thin fabrics

There’s two reasons I don’t like thin fabrics, number one they look cheap fabrics play a big role when it comes to how the garment looks are you overall. But the fabrics do you think no matter how good the design is it will just look cheap. And number two thin fabrics tend to stretch out more, thin fabrics are not flattering because when they stretch out they look even thinner so if you have heavy midsection you want to stay away from anything bigger cheap fabrics.

Stay away from sheer fabrics or shiny fabrics

When it’s holiday seasons a lot of us like sheer fabrics because they have that bling bling effect, sometimes that could be very cute but other than holiday occasions most of the time is not flattering. Why because it adds value share fabrics have that illuminating effect. That make as look bigger, if you’re concerned about your midsection you want to hide your belly fat you never want to wear sheer fabrics.

Avoid anything too tight

10 Fabulous clothes to hide belly in dress

This may sound very obvious to you but I have seen so many people making this mistake especially people who are general and skinny but we still have a heavy midsection for instance. If you are in an apple shape that tend to be the case I am an apple shape too, so that is why I know and all of us tend to choose tighter clothes because, we have skinny arms and skinny legs.

However if the dress or the tops are too tight they will make your midsection look much more obvious so if you want you Hydra belly stay with something that’s too tight.

Paper bag pants

Paper bag pants are very on trend right now in my opinion, they are extremely cute you see a lot of the influencers wearing them. There are a lot of it girls wear them but the problem is they are not very flattering if you want to hide your belly fat.

Because the focus of the paper bag design is on the waistline. It’s designed to draw attention to the waist if you’re concerned about your midsection that’s the opposite of what you want so if you want to hide your belly fat stay away from the paper bag pants

Oversized clothing

This is the opposite of wearing something too tight this is where is something to lose some of us are concerned about showing the midsection so we tend to go too close that’s really bulky there’s two things why they’re not flattering. First it just makes it obvious that you’re trying to hide something and second if you’re short anything that’s bulky or oversized will expand your horizontally and that’s never flattering for a short person.

So if you want to hide your belly fat you still need to work something that’s well faded but you just you may need to make sure it does not highlight your midsection just that you have a hammer midsection doesn’t mean that you should wear clothes that’s really loose and has no shape.

Stay away from skinny belt

This is another common mistake I see a lot of people make on other websites or magazines are teaching the short women, because you have the chief frame so you should wear skinny belt that is true to a degree; whatever we wear should be in proportion to our size just that you’re short doesn’t mean you are skinny where you are small. If you happen to be on the heavier side skinny belt will only make things worse for you.

Because skinny belt will only look out of proportion if you are a plus-size woman or if you have a hairy midsection. Another thing why skinny belt can make things worse for you is that if you are skinny belt has a contrasting color than your dress, then you are immediately drawing all attention to your waist area that’s the opposite of what you want to do.

Be careful with tacking

For shorter women I normally recommend tacking your shirt because that will make the proportion look better. However if you are concerned about midsection if you want to hide your belly fat then tuck in your shirt has to be very careful. Because that could also draw attention to your waist line if you don’t want people to notice your belly.

You probably want your shirt to fold naturally on top of your pants or your jeans. these are the top end things you should avoid if you want to hide your belly fat leave a comment below and let me know what are the things that you have noticed that we should stay away from.


Do shape clothes flatter the belly?

Yes, drying clothes can give that look a little quicker without the hassle of sucking on your stomach. The reason is that the dress actually mimics the effect of sucking by softening your abdomen, the area of ​​your abdomen, and the handles of love, eliminating the constant pressure of remembering to stay sucking.

What should you wear to suck on your stomach?

Spanx companies have now designed the Spiso Spanx camisole, which is specifically designed to identify the abdomen / abdomen area. It helps to soak up your stomach, and smooth your back. It fits well but is comfortable to wear. Camisole comes in a variety of colors and materials, ready to meet all your needs.

Is it wrong to wear makeup on a daily basis?

Wearing Spanx every day, simply put, is not a good idea. In addition to causing stomach problems and painful skin irritation, donating too tight clothing every day can cause nerve damage.

Is it okay to wear a Tucker belly?

According to a famous doctor, the garment will not permanently harm your organs because of its recommended nature. However, wearing a tight-fitting body dress for an extended period of time might cause acid reflux, a condition in which the contents of the stomach pour into the throat.



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