12 natural cold and cough remedies for toddlers

12 natural cold and cough remedies for toddlers

What causes this, what home remedies are available, and when should you see a doctor? Nasal congestion is common in babies when the weather or climate changes, however, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be dangerous at times and difficult for your baby.

Nasal congestion

This is a simple thing, but it can happen for a variety of reasons, first that the baby’s nasal passages are very small; second, the baby doesn’t know how to get it out; third, a common cold, virus, or bacteria infection could be the cause. Following that, it could be due to an allergy caused by a return such as smoke, pollutants, perfume, or powder.

Seasonal conditions, such as if you have moved from one location to another, or if there is a sudden climate change in your location, can also occur or sign aside us, and nasal deformities can be another reason. Unfortunately, in some cultures, the method of lifting the baby’s nose is dangerous. I’ve seen one of my cousins suffer as a result of it, even though he’s nearly thirty years old, so please don’t do anything like that.

Let’s talk about home remedies now, because nasal congestion is caused by a simple common cold or cough. Initially, the following home remedies may be beneficial:

12 natural cold and cough remedies for toddlers

Breast milk

Breastfeeding is something that a mother can only extol the virtues of. Breast feeding is the first and best medicine, if you are feeding your baby everyday, you are keeping the baby hydrated; ladies breast, may produce such substances, which helps your baby fight the infection and fever, which is very beneficial. If you can continue to breastfeed your baby and feed him more frequently while he is sick; a few drops of breast milk in your baby’s nostrils also soften the mucus.

Warm compress

Next, I would recommend a warm compress if you can use a hot water dip, a little thicker cloth into that hot water and remove the water, squeeze it out, and then place it on baby’s nose, the cloth must be on baby’s nose and not disturb baby’s eyes. It can be useful if the baby is too young and in one location. If I did this with my son when he was six months old, he would literally jump out of his bed, so try it only on younger babies. It will be very helpful in releasing mucus.

Oil massage

You can also try oil massage, there is no need to rub vicks vapor, but some brands like that on your baby, they have a lot of chemicals, and over the period, doctors now suggest not to use it coconut oil or mustard, or you can just heat it a bit and rub it over babies chest and give a light massage program.

Held the baby relief, that means relief from this problem, and Eucalyptus oil is a great home remedy, but unfortunately, it has higher fragrance and not everybody. This tips you can try it not for babies who are above 10 months; if you try for below it may maybe they will get irritated with the smell and start crying.

12 natural cold and cough remedies for toddlers

Elevated Body & Head

Keep the babies head elevated as much as possible when the baby is sleeping as much as possible. I mean that as long as possible now, while the baby sleeping take a bigger cloth, fold it into multiple layers and place it just babies just below baby’s head, now elevated to comfortable angle, not too high and ensure that there is enough neck support for the baby. It would really help them because otherwise they’ll have breathing issues and they will not be very comfortable.

Bulb Syringe

You can now use this bulb syringe to remove mucus from baby’s nostrils; however, you must be very gentle while doing so. You don’t have to apply a lot of pressure and press it out again; it will get the mucus out, but it will irritate the baby, and the baby may cry. So please be gentle and maintain good hygiene while using this because you must sterilize it before use and after use, you must use soap and water to completely remove the mucus from this bulb syringe.

Saline Drops

You can also use saline solution, which is available at many medical stores; purchase it and pour a few drops into one nostril; after a minute, pour another two drops into the infant’s other nose; otherwise, the baby will be unable to breathe, and you will be causing irritation. After a while, extract the mucus with the bulb syringe, which has softened enough to come out.

Garlic & Carom seeds pouch

Try garlic and carom seeds pouch; this is easy to make this is a traditional ayurvedic remedy, what you can do is four garlic pots with the skin on it and then half a spoon of carom seeds roast both of it in a pan, and as you can smell it, immediately. Take it out just after a minute or so, you don’t have to roast it well until it changed as the color.

As soon as it releases some smell, take it out into a white cotton cloth; create a pouch out of it or a poorly tired and then keep it aside, babies bed, don’t have to keep it too close to the baby. It’s just where the baby is sleeping in a safer distance so that baby can smell it, and it will again so the baby release the nasal congestion.

Humidifier or Steam Vaporizer

For babies, you can also use a steamer or vaporizer, as well as a humidifier. Humidifiers are safe because they can be kept at a safe distance, and when the air is completely dry, your baby’s nose will become very irritated, which is why humidifiers help.

How it can be used as now, switch it on with put a little water and just a few seconds, you can see steam released now make the baby stand or sit in front of it. If the baby is too scared, make the baby sit on your lap and then you hold the baby against it maybe covering with a thicker towel helps, and you both can enjoy that moment. It is really soothing, even I used to like it, in general, it is soothing, which is something nice to try.

Soups and drinks for toddlers

For older babies you can try soaps and other health drinks. Because soaps include a major leap, pepper powder, cumin powder, garlic pots these all help relieve congestion, and these have inflammatory properties which help kids or toddlers to fight the infection, now you can make varieties of soup, Tomato soup or Carrot, potato soup.

Turmeric milk

Also try a health drinks like turmeric milk, ginger, kashaya, Tulsi kashaya; these are very easy to prepare at home itself which haves amazing benefits, these three are one the most benefited traditional Indian recipes and over the period of time, we are using only these as remedies. Not that we just jump to the medical store and buy so many and keep it over the counter and keep feeding regularly. Babies will become addicted to these items, children will become addicted to them quickly, and their bodies will stop reacting to natural therapies.

They would always need something which is I mean, which is like a syrup, otherwise they would not get cured. Immunity is only getting stronger when you allow it to fight with bacteria and infections like these simple infections, which don’t need any high amount of medication.


If you were in Cold place you know, so there is no need of using sweater or woolen clothes for babies. But if you are in any other place where it is too cold sit in places like that where you find it too hard to survive, then is when you will have to use woolen for yourself and your baby as you feel cold, your baby would. If not, no see everybody weight is like I feel cold most of the time and my husband doesn’t, so I wear better than my husband.

So you’ll have to check baby skin if the baby skin is cold, then put on the sweater, otherwise layering is sufficient, like put on one cotton cloth over that, another cotton cloth. These multiple layers of we also are called as layering, and this is efficient.

While you go out, put a cap or put socks like that, please take babies to fresh air, even when they are inside a room you will have to keep opening the windows every now and then to allow fresh air coming inside.

Keep the room fresh and also take the baby out every now and then It’s not that if baby has cough cold, you shouldn’t be taking them out. They need fresh air, take them to park, or take them to safe places.

12 natural cold and cough remedies for toddlers

When to take to Doctor?

  1. As everyone knows nasal congestion is a simple problem it is not something which needs immediate medication, but few things I’ll mention where you will have to take the baby to doctor.
  2. At first if baby has continuous cough, baby is not able to breathe and he gets chest pain, then take the baby to doctor.
  3. And next, if you don’t see baby smiling, enjoying the day as it used to baby is lethargic then is when baby is having a little discomfort and you can visit the doctor.
  4. If the baby is overtired, you can see it through the baby’s nose; they will be flattering and the baby’s ribs will be moving. There will be a lot of retraction there, and the baby will struggle to breathe it’s the signal to take the baby to doctor.
  5. We’ll have to go to the doctor if you see babies struggling to breathe and their ribs retracting. If none of the home remedies work after four or five days and the baby is still in pain, we’ll have to see a doctor.

Best cold and cough remedies for toddlers

Now we will learn how to make three homemade drinks that act as instant cough and cold home remedies. These have been driving tested for ages and have been used in many homes.

I’ll demonstrate turmeric, milk, ginger kashayam, and tulsi kashayam; these are all simple to make at home with few ingredients and will greatly benefit you. It’s important to try these home remedies for cough and cold without giving them syrup so let’s see how to make the first drink recipe.

12 natural cold and cough remedies for toddlers

Turmeric milk

To make this drink, I’m going to use milk, turmeric powder, pepper, and a little sugar; in a pan, add milk, followed by turmeric powder; turmeric provides instant relief, relieves chest congestion, and aids in blood purification.

Now, adding a little crushed pepper powder isn’t recommended; just roughly crushed at an ad it has antibacterial benefits, instant relief, and fights infections.

I’m currently adding sugar. We simply need to give it a quick stir and allow it to boil for a few minutes; this is one of the simplest and best methods you can also add Jaggery powder or coconut sugar if desired. Let it rest for a few minutes before straining the mixture. For children who cannot tolerate it, drink it vigorously. It would be extremely beneficial to serve it warm twice a day.

Ginger Kashaya

The next one is ginger kashyam, which is another simple one in which I use ginger, water, honey, and lemon juice, also known as ginger tea. In a pan, I’m adding water, the measurements of all the ingredients are up to you, and now I’m adding a little grated ginger.

Allow it to boil for at least five to ten minutes, or until the color of the water changes. And I’m going to let this mixture cool for a while. It should be difficult, but you don’t have to cool it completely.

Now all that remains is to strain the mixture; just before serving, add a few drops of lemon and honey to taste, followed by a quick stir, and it’s ready to serve. This can also be given to babies who are about a year old; however, we do not recommend giving any liquid to babies younger than a year.

Tulasi Kashayam

Tulasi kashaya is the final one; if you have a planned grow at home, you can use some of its leaves to make this. It’s also known as basil leaves; I’m adding peppercorn, jaggery, and water to it; I’m adding water in a pan, and I’m taking a few tulasi leaves, or our basil leaves, and adding it here; It has amazing properties for supporting the respiratory system, it gives calmness , and treats acute running noses, and relieving cough and cold symptoms as well as fighting infection.

Mix both ingredients, as well as the jaggery powder; Jaggery helps to treat of influenza. Mix in all of the ingredients thoroughly and allow it to boil for five to ten minutes before allowing it to cool. Then we’ll repeat the process we used for ginger kasha-yam, straining the mixture twice a day with jaggery or honey. I hope you enjoy the recipes, as I previously stated. And test out a few of them to see which ones work best for your baby.



The lungs of premature babies would not develop right away, at least not for a few months, until they reached the developmental milestone. You must exercise extreme caution, just as you would with any other baby, and if your baby has a minor cough or cold, teary eyes, or a red nose, you must take them to the doctor.

These are some of the points I wanted to bring up regarding nasal congestion. I hope I’ve covered everything; a few of the remedies will need to be written down during the cough and cold season. I’m confident it will be beneficial to all mothers. Yes, it is beneficial to all mothers. Please leave a comment if you have found these remedies to be beneficial.

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