Best Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $100 for Your Special Someone

Valentines Day is all about conveying love to your significant other and honoring love. Though the holiday’s growing commercialization, its fundamental purpose remains to provide an opportunity to express your partner’s uniqueness. Giving a meaningful present that will make someone smile doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This Valentine’s Day, there are tons of adorable, best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $100 for Your Special Someone

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $100

When selecting a Valentines Day gift on a budget, keep the following in mind:

  • Interests and hobbies: Choose a gift that aligns with what your partner loves to do in their spare time, whether that’s cooking, sports, reading, traveling, or anything else. Tailor it to their unique personality. For example, if they are always listening to podcasts, gift them a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones to use while commuting.
  • Romantic vs practical: Depending on your partner’s preference, gifts can either have a romantic flair or be something functional they can use. For instance, a sentimental customized photo blanket hits the romantic brief while a set of silk hair scrunchies is more practical. There are also ideas that strike a balance between the two like couple’s cooking classes where you get to spend quality time together while learning useful kitchen skills.
  • Budget range: With $100 as your spending maximum, you can find nice gifts across the pricing spectrum – from views under $25 like a box of decadent chocolates to mid-range options between $50 to $75 dollars like monogrammed accessories or experience gifts to top-tier splurges closer to your $100 limit such as personalized jewelry. Set a budget while shopping and stick to it.
  • Order deadlines: To receive online gifts on time for February 14, order by early February at the latest. For special personalized or custom items on sites like Etsy that require extra production time, order 1-2 weeks earlier to build in cushion.

Traditional Valentines Day Gifts Under $100

best Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100
best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $100

You can’t go wrong with classic Valentine’s Day gift ideas that your sweetheart will adore. Some romantic favorites include:

  • Flowers: A beautiful bouquet is a quintessential way to say “I love you” on February 14. Opt for classic red roses, cheery tulips in their favorite colors, elegant calla lilies, or a mixed flower arrangement that incorporates multiple blooms. Have them delivered for extra wow factor if possible. Spend between $25-$50 for smaller wrapped bouquets from online florists up to over $100 for huge vase arrangements from sites like 1-800 Flowers. Look for deals on bundles that include extras like teddy bears or chocolates.
  • Chocolates and candy: Indulge their sweet tooth with decadent treats like chocolate covered strawberries, oversized heart-shaped candy boxes packed with assorted pieces from Rocky Mountain, Sugar Fina or other gourmet brands, fancy truffle collections presented in gift boxes, caramel/chocolate snack packs, or personalize candy jars with custom labels. Prices range from as little as $15 for clearance bundles and small treats to over $50 for premium chocolate brands shipped in gift packaging.
  • Jewelry: Simple jewelry like a plain silver or gold necklace with a small heart pendant, charm bracelet with mini love-themed charms like hearts or cupid’s arrows, pearl earrings, or this dainty silver and crystal heart ring make wonderful classic gifts. Most basic affordable jewelry pieces will be on the lower end around $25-50 while sterling silver or vermeil pieces with gemstones will be priced higher around the $100 limit.
  • Teddy bears: Cute and cuddly stuffed animal bears holding felt or plush hearts, roses, or signs printed with love messages are perfect for anyone who loves cozy plushies. Most are priced between $30-60 depending on size, personalization extras, clothing, etc. Amazon, Walgreens, and Build-a-Bear have loads of adorable bears to choose from.
  • Framed photos: Print a favorite photo of you two together, adding a sweet romantic caption about your relationship printed directly on the picture before framing. A thoughtful DIY gift idea that costs under $45 total if you catch a sale on simple 5”x7” frames and have print photos delivered directly to your door from sites like Snap fish or Shutterfly.

You can keep your gift idea simple yet romantic by gifting any of these classic Valentine’s Day presents that require little effort but will still have a big thoughtful impact.

Experience Gifts Under $100

Why give generic material things when you can gift memories? Experiential presents let you enjoy an activity together, making meaningful memories doing something fun and different. Gifting an experience also shows that the real treat is spending quality time together.

Some experiences to enjoy with your sweetie in the under $100 budget include:

  • Cooking class for two: Learn to prepare a gourmet dinner meal complete with appetizer, main and dessert, fancy chocolate bonbons and truffles, or even mix custom cocktails under the guidance of a professional chef or mixologist. Classes average $50-100 per couple. Look for Groups to save on couples slots at local kitchen supply stores or specialty bakeries in your area for lots of tasty hands-on fun. An inexpensive way to pick up cooking skills while bonding.
  • Wine/beer tasting: Indulge your inner wine snobs together! Many vineyards and craft breweries offer tastings as a way to sample multiple delicious wines or artisan brews in a flight format while learning about aroma profiles and manufacturing techniques from knowledgeable staff. Pricing is usually $25 per person and up. Look for Groupon deals at wineries in your state or visit breweries close by and split a flight to stick within budget. Educational with a buzz!
  • Pottery painting session: Get creative painting your own set of hand-thrown mugs, plates, figurines or wall art pieces as you sip bottomless wine or hot drinks at a pottery painting studio near you. Staff will fire and glaze your work so your one-of-a-kind designs make perfect at home date reminders! Usually $30-40 per person for 90-minute sessions.
  • Indoor skydiving experience: Feel like you’re skydiving together in a safe vertical wind tunnel with an instructor helping you strike cool aerial poses and flips. 60 minute flights for pairs start around $70 per flyer with special Valentine’s weekend packages at if LY locations nationwide that bundle photos and candy. Such a thrill!
  • Dance class: Heat up date nights by taking seductive salsa lessons, learning how to Argentine tango, or practicing basic ballroom dance moves like the waltz or foxtrot together. Most studios offer new client deals for cheap couples classes or Groupon might have discounted five-packs for around $15-25 per drop-in class. Have fun stepping on each other’s toes in the name of romance!

Doing an activity date is a chance to make special memories learning something new and reconnecting away from regular routines. Gifting an experience also shows that the real treat is spending quality time face-to-face instead of squared-off staring at screens.

Unique and Quirky Gifts Under $100

best Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100

Want to give a light-hearted gift with personality that will spark delight and laughter? Check out these unique gift ideas under $100:

  • Shrimp cocktail coupe glasses: For the partner who watches “Shark Tank” or fancies themselves an aspiring entrepreneur or fancy taste-maker, gift them this kitschy appetizer glass that looks like an inverted champagne coupe to serve decadent shrimp cocktail dip at their next dinner soirée. Makes a kitschy gift for $12 that is sure to garner laughs and put their obscure barware collection to use. Stuff with candy or bake mini cupcakes inside instead for maximum amusement.
  • Rose quart crystal pleasure wand: Know someone who loves holistic healing, astrology and new age spirituality? This gorgeous rose quartz crystal is believed to open up the heart chakra, radiating self-love energies. But it also doubles as a full-body massager with its wand shape, helix tip, and rounded end perfect for targeting pressure points to help relax tense muscles for better sleep. Just $30 for a functional sculpture that heightens senses.
  • Cat lady plush bouquet: We all have that one cat-obsessed friend who is more likely to swipe right if your dating profile features felines. For the quirky cat lover, this bouquet features several cute cat plushies artistically arranged to look like flowers in a vase. Way better than stuff that will wilt! Around $50 on Etsy for custom bouquets.
  • Booty Nights lovers kit: Know someone who doesn’t shy away from keeping things a little freaky? Gift this cheeky basket of massage oils, fuzzy handcuffs, daring card game, and sexy coupons for steamy roleplaying adventures. Priced around $85 online, it can help spice up date nights all year long. Just remember to pocket the blindfold for later!

Giving an unexpected present like these will spark smiles and laughter while showing you put thought into finding something offbeat aligned with their quirks. The element of surprise also demonstrates you took extra time to track down gifts specially suited to their particular interests and tastes.

Sentimental and Romantic Gifts Under $100

If you really want to tug at their heartstrings, give a present overflowing with deep sentimental meaning such as:

  • Love letter in a bottle: Express your feelings by writing an old-fashioned, from-the-heart love letter detailing what you cherish most about your relationship, favorite memories made, or dreaming about your future together. Craft shops sell decorative glass bottles and small scrolls for around $5 to create love letters in a bottle yourself. Or order custom complete ones from Etsy sellers starting at $30. Enhance with small trinkets or prints of special photos for added meaning.
  • DIY 52 reasons why journal: Let them know all the small quirks and grand reasons you adore them by dedicating a journal listing out “52 Reasons Why I Love You.” Compose weekly through the next year. Super personal for about $15 to make your own or can buy premade on Etsy for around $25.
  • Spotify love playlist on jewelry USB: Create a sentimental playlist of your special couple songs, first dance ballad, favorite romantic anthems, feel-good tracks that remind you of fun times, and other tunes that capture musical memories together. Download onto a pretty USB drive designed like a bracelet or necklace starting at $20. Way more meaningful than plain flowers!
  • Custom map art print: Choose a visually striking typographic map poster pinpointing important locations like where you shared your first magical kiss, had the best vacation ever, got engaged on a scenic hike. Many sellers on Etsy can create multi-city designs too commemorating places you visited together with room for artfully adding photos. Usually $60-100 for customized one-of-a-kind art prints preserving your most cherished travel memories in an artsy fashion.

Going the handmade route and infusing gifts with personal touches, inside jokes, event significance, or long-lasting sentimentality demonstrates how much time, creativity, and emotion you invested into making them extra extraordinary.

Gift Ideas for Him Under $100

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband without breaking the bank? Consider these great ideas tailored to men:

  • Sleek wallet with engraved initials: Upgrade his worn trifold leather wallet sporting duck tape and exploded receipts with a sleek modern metal Money Clip style wallet. Or choose a new leather design embroidered with his initials or a subtle romantic quote like “You have the key to my heart”. Most well-made wallets with customization are under $50.
  • Autographed sports memorabilia: For the sports super fan, frame a limited edition autographed print, plaque mounted trading card, or other collectible memento signed by a star player from his favorite sports team. Usually $75-100 for official framed items or can build your own shadowbox display on the cheaper end. Lots of neat conversation pieces for man caves!
  • Trendy men’s cologne: Pick out a popular masculine fragrance suited to his individual style – whether he prefers musky woodsy scents, fruity citrusy notes or fresh aquatic aromas that remind him of the ocean. Prices range widely from $30 for small 3.4oz bottles from body spray brands to up to $100 for premium niche colognes like Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and Tom Ford in sleek carved glass bottles.
  • Tailgating grilling kit: For the aspiring backyard pitmaster or giant tailgater, delicious useful gifts include stainless steel grilling tools like grill brushes, tongs and spatulas, customized aprons, set of spice rubs perfect for steak and BBQ chicken, or insulated beer canteens. Accessorize his grilling domain for $25-60.
  • Splurge gadget wish list additions: Know your guy has been eyeing up upgraded tech like the latest smartwatch model, true wireless earbuds from Bose, VR gaming headset for his PC rig, or that iPad tablet combo keyboard case? Make his dreams come true! Many desirable electronics accessories fall in the $50-100 range.
  • Stylish wristwatch: A sleek stylish watch elevates any outfit while letting him ditch pulling out his phone to check notifications. Nice affordable citizen eco-drive or Fossil solar-powered stainless steel watches engraved with a subtle loving message inside the band or the backplate go for $70-100.
  • DIY homebrew beer kit: Does he wish he could fill the fridge with his own craft IPA creations? Let him channel his inner brew master while tapping into the booming homebrew hobby trend with an at-home beer brewing starter set. Equipment kits run about $70-100 while ingredient kits to whip up delicious ales are $30-50.

Any of these functional gifts for men cater exactly to his personal interests so you can delight him with something tailored made on Valentines Day without costing a fortune.

Gift Ideas for Her Under $100

Finding the perfect present for your girlfriend or wife has never been easier with these thoughtful romantic gift ideas she’ll absolutely adore:

  • Luxurious home spa relaxation gift set: Help her unwind from a stressful work week with a pampering basket of scented candles, effervescent bath bombs, rejuvenating essential oils, decadent body scrubs, soothing headache relief roll-ons, super soft slipper socks, maybe a journal and pen for jotting down racing thoughts. She’ll feel like you gifted her a relaxing mini staycation! Prices range from $20 for small samplers from stores like Target or Walmart to over $75 for comprehensive deluxe spa sets from online shops shipping beautiful gift packaging.
  • Custom dainty jewelry with birthstone: Does your girl have a signature jewelry style she wears daily like delicate necklaces, stackable rings, stud earrings or wire bracelets? Elevate her collection with a pretty sterling silver or gold vermeil piece accented with her birthstone. Most places let you customize with engraved initials or short messages too for an extra special touch. Under $50 for simple budget pieces or up to $100 for solid gold over brass options.
  • Book of love coupons for couples: Give the gift of designated quality time together that you vow to redeem monthly with a cute booklet of creative coupons for homecooked dinners, adventure road trips, couples massages, nice hikes to pretty places – whatever unique date ideas appeal most! Completely free if DIY designed on Canva or already nicely printed ones sell for around $15 on Etsy ready for gifting with some thoughtful date suggestions included to spark inspiration.
  • Inexpensive jewelry bundle: Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean it can’t look and feel luxe! Many brands like Bauble Bar, Mejri and Madewell sell curated jewelry sets and bundles mixing and matching hoops, studs, hair clips and layering necklaces so she can sample different feminine styles. Most are packaged nicely in boxes with bows too starting around just $25 for lots of trendy shiny baubles blessedly under budget.
  • Cozy slipper socks gift basket: Because she can never have enough cute fuzzy slippers and slide-on socks! Pick a storage cube bin and stuff with multiple cozy footwear options in a variety of fabrics, colors and patterns suited to her taste – cable knit wool, faux fur, textured microfiber, silky satin. Top with crinkle shred to finish. Around $50 total if you catch post-holiday sales! Better than flowers for warming her heart and cold toes!
  • Date night makeup and clutch bundle: Cover your glam girl’s pretty face and styling needs for your next dinner date outing with a matching makeup and accessory set! Pick a neutral or colorful eyeshadow palette, lipstick, blush, and clutch wallet that coordinate. Sets ring up around $15-50 at Sephora, Kohl’s, or Macys. Add a voucher promising professional makeup application next time you go out so she feels extra pampered!

With presents tailored specifically to her unique style and self-care preferences, how could she not beam knowing you “get her” and chose gifts to make her feel spoiled beautiful this Valentine’s Day?

Gifts for Pet Lovers Under $100

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but for many animal lovers, the furry or four-legged companions sharing their home rank even higher. For the partner who treats their cat, dog, bunny, or reptile like true royalty, these pet-themed gift ideas will melt their heart:

  • Pet parenthood photo shoot: Capture their precious fur baby in all their photogenic glory with a professional pet photography session! Most photographers charge $50-75 for mini sessions with multiple digital images included so you’ll have an overload of awesome shots for posting and framing. Way better than just another chew toy!
  • Custom pet art portrait: Commission a custom painting, illustration or digital art piece rendering their beloved pet in vivid colors and set in a cute scene like an astronaut, hip hop dancer or royal noble with a crown. Prices range wildly from $20 for digital prints to over $100 for detailed hand-painted originals on canvas but either will look fetching on the mantle showing off their muse.
  • Pawprint jewelry keepsake: Have your partner’s cat or dog’s pawprint stamped into a heart-shaped keychain, dog tag necklace, or round pendant paired with their pet’s name and birthday engraved on the back to carry with them always. Most pawprint jewelry is under $75 and provides a subtle reminder of their fur baby when worn.
  • Monogrammed pet items: Let them show off their fur kid in style with personalized accessories like custom food/water bowls, bone-shaped name tag, engraved ID collar, reusable waste bag carrier fitted with leash clip, or waterproof backed feeding mat emblazoned with their pet’s initial. Prices vary but most are $25 or less.

While pets may rule over their human staff, these small but significant gifts prove you hold their precious furballs in high regard right alongside them! Don’t underestimate how positively they’ll react to tailored presents with their baby’s name that pamper and spoil their beloved companion.

Affordable valentines day gift

Valentine’s Day is a special day to show love and appreciation for others. An Affordable valentine’s day gifts  means something that is not too expensive, but still thoughtful and kind. It’s a way to give a little present to someone you care about without spending a lot of money It’s a gesture that can brighten someone’s day and make them feel special without breaking the bank.

Some affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas include a handwritten love letter, a homemade meal or baked goods, a personalized photo album, or a thoughtful book. These gifts show that you put effort into creating something meaningful and unique, which can be more valuable than an expensive present. Remember, it’s the thought and effort that counts the most on Valentine’s Day.

Amazon Owala water bottle

If you’re looking for a practical yet thoughtful gift, consider an Amazon Owala water bottle. Priced around $20, it’s a useful and eco-friendly present that can be used every day. With its sleek design and convenient features, such as a built-in straw and easy-carry handle, it’s a great option for staying hydrated on the go. Plus, it’s a versatile gift that can be appreciated by anyone, making it a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day or any occasion.

Camera Digital point shoot

For the photography enthusiast in your life, consider gifting a digital point-and-shoot camera. This thoughtful present will allow them to capture special moments and express their creativity through photography. With prices ranging from $100 to $300, there are various options available to fit your budget while still showing your appreciation for their passion.

Whether it’s for a friend, family member, or significant other, this practical and thoughtful gift is sure to be well-received on Valentine’s Day.


This Valentines Day, finding thoughtful, meaningful gifts under $100 for your special someone has never been easier thanks to the sheer variety of traditional romantic presents, experience-based ideas that create lasting memories, and an explosion of fun unique finds that gift big smiles.

With a little intentionality infusing extra sentimentality into presents, while keeping your sweetheart’s particular interests and tastes in mind, even affordable gifts feel elevated into something heartfelt. Remember it’s always the love-filled thought that counts most, not the price tag.

Still struggling over where to find the perfect present with time running out? For more curated gift guides sorted across all budget ranges, check out HypeLadies for everything relationships, and don’t forget you can always DIY many gifts using supplies sourced from Amazon, Target and craft stores! Sending love and happy Valentines Day shopping!


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