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Super Hit History in 10 minutes : Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English

I am happy to write this article of Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English in short to all to read easily which start with Parantaha Cholar had three sons, Raja Sditya died in battle. So his second son Khander Aditar became king. On the death of Kander Aditar his son Madrantakan is still a young child, so Kander Adita’s brother Arinjaya Cholar ascends the throne.

Arinjaya Cholar died within a year of his accession, his son Parantaga Sundara Cholar is coronated as king. When the story starts Sundara Cholar is the king; he has three children Kundawai, Aditya Karigalan who is the crown prince and Arul Mozhi Varman.

Other Significant Characters

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English  : CHOLA

  1. Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar is the Chancellor and Treasurer of the Chola kingdom
  2. China Pazhuvettaraiyar is his Brother
  3. Aniruddha Brahmarayar is the Prime Minister
  4. Alvar Karyan Nambi is a spy who works for the Prime Minister
    Sembian Madevi
  5. Sambhuvaraiyar is a Chief, and his children are Kandamaran and Mani Meghalay.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English  : PANDYA

Veera Pandian is the Pandya king who is killed by Aditya Karigalan.
Ravi Dasan and his group of assassins work against the Chola kingdom to avenge Veera Pandyan’s death.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English
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When the story starts king Sundara Cholar is sick and bedridden in Tanjavur. Aditya Karigalan the crown prince and also the general of the northern command lives in Kanchi. Arun Mozhi Varman the young prince lives in Sri Lanka as he is the general of the southern command and is also sent there to settle political dispute.

Kundawa Pirati their sister lives in the Chola royal household at Palayarai. Vanthiya Thevan has been sent by the crown prince Aditya Karigalan to deliver a message to his father king Sundara Cholar and his sister Kundawai, inviting them to Kanchi to see a new Golden palace that he has built.

On his travels to the Chola country Vandya Thevan stops at the Viranam lake; where there is a lot of hustle and bustle for the festival of Adi. Here he hears of Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar the chancellor and treasurer of the chola kingdom.

He hears that Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar has married a much younger woman called Nandani even though he is in his 60s and how he is so mesmerized by her beauty.

He also meets Alwarkadyannambi here a spy to the Prime Minister and Sembian Madevi. Vandya Thevan halls at the Kadambur Sambhuvaraya’s palace he hides and overhears a midnight meeting that takes place here.

All the chiefs and Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar are gathered for the meeting, he learns that there is a conspiracy and plan being hatched against king Sundara Cholar and his sons and how all those present at the meeting believe Madrantagan is the rightful heir to the kingdom.

Vanthiya Thevan reaches Tanjavur after which he meets Nandini and obtains a ring with an insigma from her, with the help of this ring he gets an audience with king Sundara Cholar but is unable to deliver the message from Aditya Karigalan.

VantiaThevan and Alwarkaryannambi meet on several locations. Alwarkaryannambi tells Vandyatevan the story of Nandani. Also through other conversations we learn who nandini is.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English

Aditya Kharigalan & Nandhini

Nandini’s birth and origin are a mystery from the beginning, she was found on a beautiful countryside among a bed of flowers. She was brought home to Alvarkaryannambi’s house a priest house; they considered each other brother and sister. Nandini grew up among the royal children of the Palayarai until her youth.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English
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She and Kundawai never got along as Nandani thought that Kundawai treated her badly because Kundawai was jealous of Nandani’s beauty. Nandini and Aditya Kharigalan grow up as playmates and the two fall in love at around the age of 12.

No one in the royal family and household like this, on the orders of Sembian Madevi; she is forced to flee Palayarai and live in the Pandya country. Aditya Karigalan never stopped loving her, years pass and the savour war takes place. In this war Aditya Karigalan defeats the Pandya troops.

Veerapandian the Pandya king goes into hiding; Aditya Karigalan and his men track him down to a hut. Karigalan enters the hut alone asking his men to wait outside and finds Nandini and Veerapandian there.

Nandini has been attending to his wounds while he lays on a bed, this enrages Karigalan even more and he raises his sword to kill Veerapandian.

Nandini drops to her knees and begs for Veerapandian’s life but Karigalan does not listen and slays his head. Karigalin walks out of the hut carrying Veerapandian’s head while everyone around the hut hears Nandini’s loud and alarming cry.

AFter a few days Karigalan returns looking for Nandini but the hut is burned down to the ground and all he sees are ashes. Nandani is nowhere to be found.

After defeating the Pandyas a coronation is held to title Karigalan the crown prince, this is where Karigalan sees Nandini in the crowd as Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar’s wife.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English:

Nandini and Ravidasan – The Magician

Nandini tries to hatch conspiracies in the Chola empire. She helps a band of assassins from the Pandya country, their leader is Ravi Dasan the magician. Their intention is to destroy king Sundara Chola’s clan to avenge Veerapandian’s death.

She also helps them with money. It is under her manipulation that Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar and the chiefs want to crown Madrantakan. Nandani also takes the responsibility of killing Aditya Karigalan.

Kundawai and Vanathi

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English
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Vanathi is the Kurumbalure princess, she and Kundawai are close friends. Kundawai has taken care of Vanathi, because she does not have parents. Vanathi has always been in love with the young prince Arul Mozhi Varman the prince who normally ignored woman has shown concern towards her. In fact just before leaving for Sri Lanka he tells Kundawai to take care of her.

After this Kundawai intends to get Vanathi married to her brother Arun Mozhi Varman. Kundawai and Vanathi are at an astrologer who is telling them of the glorious future that awaits them, a worried Kundawai asks about the king’s deteriorating health and the future of the kingdom.

As kundawai has also heard about some conspiracies. Just then they are disturbed by Vandya Thevan who has come looking for kundawai to pass on the message from her brother Aditya Karigalan.

Kundawai and Vandia Thevan fall in love at first sight and Vandya Thevan promises to be of any help. Kundawai asks Vandya Thevan if he would deliver a scroll to her brother Arun Mozhi Varman in Sri Lanka.

Vandya Thevan accepts immediately, meanwhile Karikalan in Kanji is confused as he has not heard any news from Vandya Thevan. He tells another confidante Patibendra Pallavan to go to Sri Lanka and bring Aru Mozhi back Patibendra Pallavan agrees.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English:

ArunmozhiVarman (Ponniyin Selvan)

Vandya Thevan is on his way to Srilanka; he meets Senthanamudan who tells him to seek help from the boat girl in kodiya Karai named Poonguzhali. She helps him reach Srilanka.

Vandia Thevan meets Arun Mozhi Varman in Anuradhapuram and gives him the scroll from Kundawai. They become inseparable friends from the beginning. During his day in Srilanka Vandya Thevan learns some shocking facts before Sundara cholar became king he spent some time in a cave near Srilanka.

A deaf and dumb girl roamed the forests, her name was Mandakini. She rescued him from an attacking bear Sundara Cholar fell in love with her and she with him and for a brief period of time they lived together.

But he had to return to the Chola country to fulfill his duty to the kingdom. It is her who saved a very young Arun Mozhi Verman from drowning in the river known as Kaveri and she disappeared immediately, that is why he is given the name PONNIYIN SELVAN (son of Kaveri).

Mandakini has saved Arumozhi’s life in many instances she somehow always seems around when he is in trouble. Arun Mozhi also learns that she has once given birth to twins he wishes to tell his father these details but has never had the chance to do so. Vandya Thevan comes across this woman while he is in Srilanka and notices how she looks like a splitting image of Nandini.

Patibendra Pallavan who is sent by Karikalan also reaches Srilanka to bring Arul Mozhi back to Kanchi. Arun Mozhi is now confused as if he should go to Palayarai where his sister wants him or Kanchi where his brother wants him; while he is trying to decide Poonguzhazhi brings some troubling news.

Pazhuvettaraiyar men on the command of Sundara Cholar are here to arrest the prince and bring him to Tanjavur. Arul Mozhi realizes that his father is bedridden and could have not given these orders, he realizes that Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar is trying to stop him from going to Kanchi or Parayarai.

But still he surrenders and asks Poongauzhali to show him the way to Tanjaur. The ship that Ponniyin Selvan sails on from Srilanka to kodiyaKarai is hit by a cyclone and sinks.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English:

Choodamani Viharam (A Buddist Monastery)

With poongauzhali’s help Arun Mozhi and Vandiya Thevan’s lives are saved. Poongauzhali and her cousin Sendanaamudhan wrote Arun Mozhi to the SurahmaniViharam in Nagaipatinam. Kundawai and Vanathi meet Arun Mozhi near the Surahmaniviharam.

Kundawai asks Arun Mozhi to stay at the Viharam for his safety as she is worried about all the confusion and conspiracy taking place in the Chola kingdom and also to regain his strength. Arun Mozhi who never says no to his sister agrees to stay longer.


Kundawai learns that Mandakini who her father at one point lived with is alive and somehow wants to bring her to her father Sundara Cholar. As she knows her father has been disturbed with the memory of her.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English
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Mandakini Meanwhile who knows her dearest Arun Mozhi’s ship was wrecked by a cyclone comes nearer to him to ensure he is safe. She is then abducted by orders of the prime minister Aniruddha Brahmarayar who has also heard about her, his efforts fail and she escapes.

Mandakini on her escape follows Ravi Dasan the magician realizing danger towards the king and ends up in Sundara Cholra’s palace. Sundara cholar who thinks she’s a ghost throws a lamp at her and she disappears.

Kadamboor Palace

Karigalan has received a scroll from Nandini inviting him to the Kadamboor Palace to discuss succession. She and Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar arrive but Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar has left to

Tanjaur to bring Madrantagan. Vandiathevan tries to stop the prince from coming to the palace as it could be dangerous for him but the prince seems obsessed and is not willing to listen to anyone. Karigalan tries to tell Nandini that she might be his sister, but Nandini dismisses the idea.

Nagapattinam and Anaimangalam

Meanwhile Arun Mozhi is still at the Surahmaniviharam awaiting orders from his sister kundawai.The people of Nagai are enraged and worried that the Buddhists are trying to convert him into Buddhism. There is a commotion outside the Viharam of people who demand to see Arul Mozhi, but a cyclone hits Nagai-patinam.

ArunMozhi is safe in Annaimangalam and he wishes to start relief work for all those affected by the cyclone. He learns about Mandakini’s abduction by a fellow companion and is enraged by the news. He decides that he has to start acting and disguises himself as a trader.

During his travel he realizes that he may be in danger and could be surrounded by Pandya conspirers. As he faces hurdles in all his plans the crowd also realizes that he could be in danger and want to accompany him to Tanjavur.

He learns that all the rivers in the Chola country are overflowing. He saves Poonguzhali and Vanathi from the flooded Kaveri. Poonguzhali tells ArunMozhi that Mandakini does not wish to live any longer and would like to see him one time before she dies ArunMozhi, Vanathy and Poonguzhali rush to Tanjavur.

Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English
Image Source : Balakumaran Books

Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar who was travelling from Kadamboor to
Tanjaur to bring Madrrantakan also gets caught in the overflowing kaveri. He manages to survive and overhears a conversation between the Pandya conspirers Ravidas and the magician and others. He hears them talking about their plans to assassinate the king Sundara Cholar and both his sons Karigalan and Arun Mozhi. He also hears them discussing Nandini’s role in the plot and is enraged and realizes how he has been manipulated by her all these days.

He tries to confront Ravi Dasan but is overpowered by him he manages to recover from the hit, he then accidentally meets Kundawai who is travelling along the banks of the river and tells her everything he knows and Nandini’s role in it; he then proceeds to Kadambur where Nandhini and Kariyalan are.

Vanathi and Poonguzhali

Kundawai tells Vanathi all she has learnt from Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar. Vanathy tells Arun Mozhi and they continue their journey to Tanjaur. They do not want to reveal Arun Mozhi’s true identity so they enter the palace grounds on Vanathy’s demand. All three of them enter the palace Vanathi, Poonguzhali and ArunMozhi.

Chinn Pazhuvettaraiyarr who is guarding the palace grounds looks at them with contempt. he learns about a hidden assassin and urges Vanathi to go to the king’s side. He then recognizes that the man with Vanathi and Poonghuzhali is Anurmozhi

Arunmozhi Varman goes to meet his father Poonguzhali stays back with Chinna Pazhuvettaraiyar to reason with him on why they entered the way they did because he is suspicious.

She and Chinna Pazhuvettaraiyar are talking when she hears a loud scream from inside the palace and rushes in; she sees a spear flying towards Mandalkini who has somehow ended up here again but before Poonguzhali can reach her, the spear pierces Mandakini and she dies on the spot.

During all this commotion in the palace the assassin manages to escape. King Sundara Cholar holds Mandakini’s head in his lap and sobs. Arurmozhi tries to console him.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English:

The Crown Prince

Meanwhile in Kadampur sambhuvarayar’s Aditya Karikalan is growing violent and anxious, he has bad mood swings and taunts everyone around him; so much that he does not wish to even see his best friend Vandyathevan and asks him to get out of his sight.

The conspiracy theory has been haunting him and he is suspicious of everyone around him. Vandyathevan is sent for by Nandini through Manimeghalay who is a confidant of Nandini.

Nandini wishes to know the whereabouts of Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar. Vandyathevan enters into a secret passage that leads to Nandini’s room. It is filled with stuffed animals he discovers that he is not alone and that the Pandya conspirers are also there.

He manages to outrun them when Nandini intervenes. She tells Manimeghalay and Vandyathevan of her intentions with Karikalan.

Nandini then asks Vandia Thevan to leave but he does not and tries to persuade her to give up the idea of assassinating the crown prince. Nandini urges him to leave but he does not; Vanthiyathevan insists that she give him her sword.

Nandini hands the sword over to him but it slips and falls to the ground with a loud thud. Just then they hear footsteps approaching and realize it could be Aditya Karigalan.

Nandani asks Vandiathevan and Manimegalay to hide Vandyathevan hides in the musical instrument room attached to Nandini’s room and Manimeghalay hides behind the curtains.

Aditya karigalan enters the room and sees the sword on the floor and looks around for Vandyathevan but cannot find him. He does however discover Manimegalay behind the curtains and sends her away.

Both Nandani and Karigalan are emotional and their tempers rise Nandini tells Karigalan how much she loved him and also denies that there could be any blood relation between them.

Adityakarigalan tells her how he regrets beheading Veerapandian despite her begging for his life. Nandani is very emotional and tells karigarlan how her entire life has been one mystery after another. Karigalan tries to convince Nandani that they do not need any of this and they could go somewhere alone and live happily.

But Nandini says that is not possible and she whispers her real father’s name in his ears. Karigalin is shocked and he becomes very emotional and Karigalin says I cannot imagine the things that you have been through.

Please forgive me Vandyathevan grows restless as he can feel danger in the air now that the prince has become so emotional and wants to approach Kharigalan even if it enrages him.

He hears an emotional outburst from Karigalan and steps forward to help him when someone strangles him from behind before falling down Vandyathevan sees a man entering Nandani’s room with a sword and shouting at Nandini he also sees Ravidasan approaching them a ghastly wind blows and there is no light in the room Aditya kargalan is murdered.

When Vandyathevan wakes up he sees the corpse of Aditya Karikalan he blames himself for not protecting the prince. Just then the palace men enter the room and see Vandyathevan holding Karigalan’s head on his lap and accuse him of murdering the crown prince. Vandyathevan is arrested for Aditya karigaalan’s murder.

The Pazhuvettaraiyarr and chiefs are informed of Karigalan’s death and they plan to crown Madrantagan. Vandyathevan manages to free himself and carries Karigalan’s body to Malayaman the prince’s grandfather. They then take his body to the king to perform the last rites and to bring justice to Karigalan’s murder. Nandini flees the palace.


The prime minister Aniruddhar comes to meet Sundara Cholar. King Sundara Cholar tells him my son Aditya Kariganal built a golden palace in Kanchi maybe if I had gone to visit him he would still be alive and he also says I plan to go there and live the rest of my life.

But before that we should crown Madrantagan. Aniruddha says his mother Sembianmadevi will not agree to that Sundara Cholar says you need to talk to her and convince her of the same. Aniruddha comes to Sembianmadevi and tells her of what the king’s wishes are.

Sembianmadevi asks AAniruddhar there is a secret that only I and you know and you still think that crowning Madharantagan is right exactly then Madrantagan enters the room he asks his mother I heard rumors that you were against me being crowned but now I have heard it with my own ears.

Sembianmahadevi tells him your father wanted you to be a Shiva devotee and not a king. Hence you cannot become king, Madurantagan is outraged and asks her what sort of a mother she is and whether he really is her son.

Sembianma devi says I can no longer keep the secret to myself you really are not my son. Madhurantagan is so shocked and asks her whose son he really is; Sembianmadevi tells a story. After I got married I could not bear a child after so many years I gave birth to a child but that child was still born.

At the same time there was a mute lady who worked in the palace both her and her sister were mute her sister had twins, out of the twins I took one child and gave the other child to Alwakariyanambi’s family.

I gave my still born baby to the mute lady and told her to bury the child and never tell anyone about this. Five years after this happened I visited the mute woman at her house and saw a boy aged around five.

I saw him now and then every time I saw the boy I felt a warm feeling inside me, I knew he and I were connected, so I asked the mute lady who that boy was; she then let me know the child I thought died did not die.

The baby was alive and she had brought him up. I told your father all these details your father told me to leave our real child to be brought up by the mute lady and continue growing you up as our child.

He then asked me to promise him that I would never let you rule the country and instead bring you up as a true Shiva devotee that is why I say you cannot be crowned. Madrantagain is shocked and outraged but he does not show it out.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English:

Senthan Amudhan

Three days after this a royal meeting takes place everyone is present except Madurantakan. Sundara cholera asks where Madrantagan is and Sembianmadevi says she has been looking for him as well.

But cannot find him our Alwarkaryannambi enters at that moment and informs them that Madhyrantagan is on his way. Suddenly Pooguzhali and Senthanamudhan enter the meeting. As soon as Sembianmadevi see Senthanamudhan she becomes very emotional and calls him son and runs to hug him.

Senthanamudah tells her he’s been waiting all his life for this Sembianmadevi asks him if he knew that she was his mother, he says he knew for a very long time but was waiting for her to call him son. Everyone watching this is shocked Alvarkadyannambi then explains the truth to everyone.

Kundawai and Arulmozhi are so happy that Sendanamudhan is their uncle at this time Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar and Chinna Pazhuvettaraiyar enter the meeting and the prime minister Aniruddha Brahmarayar says we need to know what really happened to Aditya Karigalan if Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar wishes he can explain.

Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar starts telling them what happened Nandani was a Pandya conspirer and I did not know that all along. On the day of Aditya Karigalan’s death Nandini and Karigalan were talking when I entered the room and since I just realized Nandani’s real intentions I threw a sword at her direction, but it fell on Karigalan by mistake.

Everyone listens in shock Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar continues after that a few people held me from behind and I lost consciousness, the next time I opened my eyes I was lying on the foothills of a mountain and Nandani was with me.

After that my brother and a few of our men came looking for me; realizing that my men were coming Nandani ran away from the place. He then says there is no way I can compensate for the mistakes I have made and lifts his sword and plunges it into his own stomach.

Sundara Chola says I am sure you would have not made any mistakes on purpose why did you do this to yourself? Everyone lifts Peria Pazhuvettaraiyar to administer to his bleeding body. While on his deathbed AlwarKadyarnambi comes to visit him; he tells him that his sister Nandini says thank you. Perya Pazhuvettaraiyar says oh does she still think of me and laughs.

Pazhuvettaraiyar then tells him the truth that it was not him who killed Aditya karigalan and that he admitted to doing so to remove the suspicion people had on Vandiathevn. He says if i did not say that I killed Aditya Karigalan they would kill Vandyathevan. Kundawai and ArunMozhi overhear this conversation.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 in English:

Uthama Cholar

All the royals decide that Arunmozhi should be crowned but at the last minute Arunmozhi crowns Seinthanamudan. Seinthaamudan is then given the title Uttama Cholar.

In history kundawai and Vandyathevan got married Arulmozhivarman and Vanathi got married their son was Rajendra cholar the first.

Uttama Cholar was succeeded by Arunmozhivarman who came to be known as Raja Raja Cholar the first. After his death his son Rajendra cholar the first ruled. I hope you enjoyed the story.


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