Don’t be fooled by men lies

Dont be fooled by men lies – 5 Men’s Lies to Women

I’m going to be telling you five lies that men tell women. This is really important to know because you can then identify if he is actually being sincere with you or if he’s simply lying.

Lie number one # when he says he loves you but : His words do not match his actions

Notice when he says that he actually loves you. Does he say he loves you when it’s the evening time, you guys are gonna go to bed, so is he saying he loves you to get your cookie or is he saying he love you because he genuinely means it? Think about how he treats you.

Can I see that he loves me through the actions that he takes, or is it just a way that he uses to charm me? Does he, for example, show you that he cares by calling you his girlfriend in public? Does he hold your hand and introduce you to his friends when they are around?

Don’t be fooled by men lies

Maybe he’s already calling you his family, buying you gifts, or saving up for something special for you.. Is he paying for you, and is he really building that connection with you, and does he listen to you when you do speak? Make sure to check if his words match up to his actions.

This is extremely important because it’s the actions that we should be looking at and not being charmed by the words. Again, also remember that it does not come down to the gifts, right? Because every single man does show his love in a little bit of a different way, right? Some men are more romantic,

Some men are not, and it’s a little bit different for every man, but how does he show that he cares for you? How does he give you his attention? What is your guys’ connection to one another? This is very important to keep in mind.

So ask yourself, how does he show me that he loves me? Does he show me it at all? In a relationship, you should be treated well or very well, but remember that you must also treat yourself well.

If you, for example, have really high standards but you are not high value yourself, then it doesn’t really match up okay. So it’s important to develop within yourself for example, through the high-value journey, then you can automatically level up your standards because you’re leveling up yourself.

If he tells you that he loves you, and he takes the action to show you that and it’s just not words of charming, it’s actually heartfelt love, and you can see it through his actions in one way or another, then it is the real thing. If he tells you he loves you just to get you into bed, then he’s not genuine, and especially if his actions don’t match up to his words, it might mean that he’s only interested in the one thing which is your cookie.

Lie number two # He doesn’t call you his girlfriend

So let me break this down, because it is very important. Let’s say he’s having a hard time making you his girlfriend or calling you his girlfriend when you’re around other people. Have you been dating for awhile and is he not calling you his girlfriend, or making things official? Now again, when is it the right time to be a girlfriend-girlfriend kind of couple? This is something that each and every couple must decide for themselves.

For some, it’s a little bit faster, for some, it’s a little bit slower, but if you see that everything’s going well and you guys are having a wonderful time, and you should already be girlfriend and boyfriend but he is not making it official and he is not calling you his girlfriend, even though you’ve been dating for ages and you only date each other, then it’s not a very good sign. And the reason being is if a man is really into a woman, he will want to make her his girlfriend.

Isn’t he proud to call her his girlfriend? And mind you, men know exactly what they are doing, and the way I see it is, since a man knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s not taking the step to make it official even though it should be since you’ve been dating for such a long time, then to me, it means that he does not want to commit.

So if he ever says something like, “Labeling is not important to me,” or “calling you my girlfriend is not important to me,” then I wouldn’t believe that, because it should be important to him, okay? It ought to be. So keep an eye out for that lie, as it occurs frequently.

Lie number three # “I’m going to leave her for you.”

“If you’re seeing or seeing a man who is married or is basically just taken and you’re the mistress, get out of there.” ” Whatever you do, don’t get involved in anything like that.”. And if you’re in this situation and he says, “I’m going to leave her for you,” that’s not something you should set your heart on, and it’s certainly not something you should believe.

There are a lot of games and lies going on here, especially in this type of situation, and there is no way and not a single reason why a woman should believe a man who is taken or especially married, that he will leave his wife for you. You’re not doing yourself any good by being in this type of situation.

The truth is, he cheated on his wife, let’s say with you, or whoever is in that situation, right? There is nothing holding him back from cheating on you later on with someone else.

And if a relationship is built on a lie, especially a lie this big, it’s not good and you should definitely remove yourself from the situation. So if he’s saying that he will leave his wife for you, then get yourself out of it. Do yourself that favor and leave him, and leave the situation.

Lie number four # “Let’s go back to my place and watch a movie and chill.”

The truth is straightforward.. If he is saying this to you, he basically wants to sleep with you. If, on the other hand, you want to be in a happy, long-term relationship with a guy, wait until you sleep with him. Don’t do things like invite him back to your house or go to his house after, because he might still have very different goals to yours, right, especially obviously in the starting stages of dating.

Don’t be fooled by men lies

When you give yourself time, and hopefully a couple of months, he will see behind the physical attraction and actually notice that you guys fit well together. Obviously, this will also give you time to see if he’s the right guy for you and it will give you time to get to know him better. So the next time you hear a guy say, “Let’s go back to my place and watch a movie and chill,” you’ll know exactly what he means by that.


Lie number five # “I’m busy.”

Does he go silent or just suddenly out of nowhere start saying “I’m busy?” Let’s say that you guys have been seeing each other very often, and you have slept together a multiple amount of times through seeing each other. You didn’t wait a couple of months to get past the physical attraction stage, you just kind of gave your cookie away pretty soon.

As a result, he may begin texting you less frequently and paying less attention to you. Has he begun to ask you out on a very infrequent basis, perhaps once every two weeks or so? If a man frequently begins to say, “I’m busy,” and simply does not have the time to spend with you, it means that you are not his priority.

It also means that he’s just not that into you and when you recognize that, do not let him string you along. Of course, a man just like a woman can be busy, of course, everyone is busy. However, when you notice a constant pattern of him saying,


“Oh, I’m busy then, I’m busy then, “we’ll just meet up a different time,” and then he just spontaneously calls you up in the hopes that you’ll jump for him and if you don’t, and he’ll just be saying, “I’m busy, I can’t really see you right now,” blah blah, and he’s just always busy, which isn’t a good sign.

Of course, everyone is pressed for time, right? But if you constantly see that he is not meeting up with you and the reason is that he’s busy, it’s not a good sign. Every now and again, people can really say, “I’m sorry, I’m busy on that day, “but what about a different day,” right? But if you constantly see that he’s just not making the effort and he’s saying that he’s busy, it’s definitely not a good sign. So be aware of this and if this is happening to you, do not let him string you along.

FAQ : Don’t be fooled by men lies

Why am I getting easily fooled?

Bottom-up processing occurs when we experience reality objectively based on reports, allowing our perceptions to be guided by our feelings. The tendency for top-down processing in the frontal brain is one reason why the subjects in these trials were so readily tricked, and it is also why we humans are biased.

How can I avoid being fooled by others?

1. Examine your feelings: What is your initial reaction to this?
2. Think about the message

How can you tell if someone is lying to you?

1. Your Entire Self-Worth Is Caught Up In The Relationship
2. They’re Withholding Something From You.

What happens if you fall in love with someone too deeply?

People who love too much often continue to invest in a relationship that has no chance of surviving since their partner does not share their feelings. Excessive love can be harmful to the cherished. When the lover does not provide enough private space for the beloved, this is an illustration of this.

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