Super Bowl 2024 Tickets Break Price Records, Hit All-Time Highs

Tickets for the upcoming 2024 Super Bowl have reached record-shattering costs, with the average price to attend now over $12,000. This makes it the most expensive Super Bowl ever, according to ticket resale data from SeatGeek. Even securing the cheapest available seats will set fans back nearly $10,000 — a staggering amount just for the right to be inside the stadium.

Several factors are fueling the price surge for what is annually the most coveted ticket in sports. This year’s Super Bowl 58 promises to raise the bar even higher by delivering fans one of the most eagerly anticipated matchups in recent memory.

Average Ticket Price Soars Over $12,000

The average cost for a 2024 Super Bowl ticket is now up to $12,082 apiece. This average ticket price marks a historic precedence, soaring well over previous years. It surpasses the average $7,500 ticket for the 2023 Super Bowl just a year earlier.

In 2021, the average Super Bowl ticket was approximately $6,000. Going back even further sees more modest prices — the average ticket for the 2015 Super Bowl was only around $3,000. The exponential price growth in just the last decade demonstrates the increasing demand among fans and their willingness to pay ever-higher premiums for the Super Bowl experience.

Cheapest Tickets Still Almost $10,000

Super Bowl 2024 Tickets Break Price Records
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Even fans trying to secure the least expensive seats for Super Bowl 58 will still need almost $10,000. According to SeatGeek, the cheapest 2024 Super Bowl tickets are priced at $9,858 each. By comparison, 2021’s cheapest tickets were under $5,000 and have practically doubled in only three years.

The rising prices indicate getting inside Allegiant Stadium on game day will come at a serious cost no matter where fans try to sit. However, those with more cash to spare can pay over $20,000 — even up to $40,000 — for seats closer to the field or in exclusive luxury boxes.

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Chiefs vs. 49ers Rematch Fuels Fan Excitement

Based on expert predictions for the 2024 season, fans could see a repeat of Super Bowl 54 with a matchup of the Kansas City Chiefs versus the San Francisco 49ers. This championship rematch would pit arguably the NFL’s top two current quarterbacks against each other — Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes and 49ers standout Brock Purdy.

Both fanbases would be energized to claim redemption from 2020’s last-minute defeat. Reliving that classic game with another Mahomes and Purdy showdown could drive ticket demand even higher. If early price trends are any indication, Chiefs vs. 49ers Part Two would likely become the first Super Bowl with an average ticket price exceeding $15,000.

Allure of Las Vegas Host City Adding to Draw

Another factor playing into the rising Super Bowl ticket costs is the host city itself. Super Bowl 58 will take place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas — the $2 billion home of the Raiders that opened in 2020. Las Vegas always attracts legions of visitors, but landing its first ever Super Bowl promises to drive enthusiasm even higher among football fans.

The glitz and entertainment capital of the world will pull out all the stops to deliver aSuper Bowl spectacle like never before. Iconic locations up and down the legendary Las Vegas Strip will host celebrations and events leading up to game day. Fans know that a Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas means nonstop parties, current and legendary musical acts, star-studded scenes at clubs and restaurants, plus much more.

This unprecedented Super Bowl experience that only Sin City can provide is causing demand to skyrocket among diehard football supporters as well as celebrity guests. Stars across the sports and entertainment world are expected to converge on Las Vegas for Super Bowl weekend.

Allegiant Stadium Delivers High-End Game Day Experience

Allegiant Stadium itself will showcase why Las Vegas landed its first ever Super Bowl. The $2 billion futuristic facility features a translucent roof and massive 4K video board. Over 70,000 fans will pack the stadium on February 9 for Super Bowl 58.

With the latest technology and premium amenities throughout, Allegiant Stadium was designed specifically to attract massive events like the Super Bowl. Fans attending the game in person can expect a world-class experience regardless of their ticket price.

Of course, those paying the highest ticket premiums will enjoy exclusive VIP options inside Allegiant as well. From private clubs to luxury suites with upscale food and beverage service, the stadium delivers elite accommodations.

Fans Still Eager Despite Record Costs

In spite of — or perhaps partly fueled by — the unprecedented ticket prices, excitement around Super Bowl 2024 continues building. Fans are clearly demonstrating their eagerness to attend Super Bowl 58 even with the sky-high costs.

The average NFL fan will likely never have the chance to even consider purchasing a +$10,000 ticket. Yet for many hardcore football supporters and the socially elite, the record-setting 2024 Super Bowl ticket prices are no barrier to entry.

In 2022 when the Super Bowl was last hosted in Los Angeles, the average ticket price was over $10,000. That staggering amount didn’t deter fans from quickly snatching up seats. Ticket reseller StubHub also reported a record number of million-dollar sales for premium ticket packages to the event.

A similar story is already playing out ahead of Super Bowl 58. Despite the average price exceeding $12,000, early sales indicators suggest another rapid sell-out is impending. Entertainers and celebrities reportedly have been seeking access to tickets for months already as well.

For fans still hoping to secure seats, acting sooner than later is key with over 50 days still remaining until Super Bowl Sunday on February 9. But those planning ahead to Super Bowl 59 in New Orleans or Super Bowl 60 in Las Vegas again can likely expect even higher asking prices as the precedent continues rising sharply from year to year.

Comparing Other Major Sporting Event Ticket Prices

As demand for Super Bowl seats continues to substantially outpace availability annually, prices have responded accordingly. With average tickets exceeding $12,000, attending the big game live already costs more than other prominent sporting events.

  • Average 2024 Super Bowl ticket: $12,082
  • NBA Finals Game 7 ticket (2023 est): $3,000
  • World Series Game 7 ticket (2023 est): $2,500
  • Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 ticket (2023 est): $2,000
  • College Football Championship ticket (2024 est): $1,700

As the above numbers show, no American sporting event comes remotely close to matching the Super Bowl in ticket costs. Of course, none can equally match the prestige and spectacle generated around the NFL’s annual championship game either.

For reference, some international events like the World Cup Final in Qatar commanded over $10,000 per ticket on average. Those prices aligned more with modern Super Bowl costs rather than other domestic sports matchups.

Key Questions Around Super Bowl 2024 Tickets

With Super Bowl tickets now reaching as high as $40,000 at the top end, more questions than ever surround their extreme costs compared to watching at home for free. Here are some of the most common questions fans have about purchasing 2024 Super Bowl tickets.

1. Who is predicted to be in the Super Bowl 2024 matchup?

Based on most 2023 season forecasts, Super Bowl 58 projects as a repeat of the 2020 Super Bowl 54 matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. This would deliver a Patrick Mahomes versus Brock Purdy quarterback showdown in a rematch of KC’s dramatic comeback win three years ago.

2. When can I buy Super Bowl 2025 tickets in New Orleans?

Super Bowl 2025 will take place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Ticket sales typically open to the general public 8-10 months prior for fans hoping to buy seats early. Brokers and secondary markets like SeatGeek may offer reservations up to a year in advance.

3. Who is performing at the Super Bowl 2024 halftime show?

The NFL has not formally announced a halftime performer for Super Bowl 58 yet. Early rumors suggest country star Taylor Swift may secure the coveted gig, which would follow in the steps of pop icons like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and more over the last decade during halftime shows.

4. Why are Super Bowl 58 tickets in Las Vegas so expensive?

Several factors are causing Super Bowl LVIII tickets to shatter pricing records. First, it’s the debut Las Vegas Super Bowl and first ever at Allegiant Stadium — a brand new $2 billion arena with state-of-the-art amenities. Additionally, Las Vegas itself promises an unrivaled spectacle for events and parties. Plus, fan demand continues rising annually while ticket availability remains extremely limited.

5. How to Get Last Minute Tickets to Super Bowl 2024?

For those still hoping to secure entry to Super Bowl 2024 in the final weeks, paying extreme premiums over average prices is typically required. Fans can monitor secondary marketplaces like SeatGeek for last minute ticket releases. Be prepared to pay upwards of $15,000 if buying tickets in the two weeks leading up to Super Bowl 2024. Luxury boxes and lower-level seats could cost many tens of thousands apiece.

Comparing Ticket Options

Fans wondering just how much they’ll need to pay to get into Super Bowl 58 will find a wide range of options when perusing the secondary ticket market. Of course, prices vary greatly depending on the specific seats.

A few examples of available ticket listing prices as of January 2024 include:

  • Upper corner end zone seats: $9,500
  • Upper sideline seats near midfield: $11,000
  • Lower sideline seats near 20-yard line: $17,000
  • Lower club seats at midfield: $20,000+
  • 50-yard line seats: $25,000
  • Luxury suites for 20-50 people: $500,000+

Compared to recent previous Super Bowls, the above amounts are approximately 20-30% higher on average. Fans can expect to pay a premium no matter where they hope to sit inside Allegiant Stadium.

Booking Early Key for Best Prices

While no budget-friendly Super Bowl tickets exist anymore, the best way to potentially save money is booking early. Fans who locked in seats during early sales windows 6-12 months ago likely paid thousands less than current mid-range ticket prices.

Brokers advise that anyone considering attending future Super Bowls in New Orleans, Las Vegas, or elsewhere should purchase tickets as early as possible. Prices almost universally continue rising right up until game day as availability declines.

Total Super Bowl Trip Could Exceed $20,000

Between astronomical game tickets, inflated hotel rates, and other costs, the total price tag for attending Super Bowl 2024 in Las Vegas could easily exceed $20,000 per person. Factor in airfare and spending money, and the final amount could be substantially higher.

For comparison, some tour package estimates suggest a trip for two including lower-level seats, five-night hotel stay, airfare and extras could cost almost $100,000. Despite the mind-blowing numbers, many fans clearly find value given sellouts nearly every year.

Allegiant Stadium Delivers Immersive Game Day Atmosphere

From special light shows to epic player introductions, Super Bowl 58 promises a game day experience like no other inside $2 billion Allegiant Stadium. The indoor arena has a translucent roof letting in ample light while four massive video boards ensure perfect views of the action up close or from afar.

Thousands of diehard fans clad in red Chiefs or 49ers garb will trade deafening roars throughout the event. With tickets harder to come by than ever, those filling the 70,000 seats will make every dollar spent worth it from start to glorious finish.

Vegas Delivers Nonstop Entertainment Options

Beyond the big game itself, Las Vegas provides endless forms of entertainment all within walking distance or a quick ride up and down the Strip. Fans can dance the nights away at legendary clubs like Drai’s or Hakkasan. Relax while placing bets at sportsbooks like Caesars Palace. See world-class shows from Cirque du Soleil or top headlining musicians.

That’s all on top of celebrity appearances throughout the city, extravagant pop-up events by brands like Sports Illustrated,nightly fireworks shows along Las Vegas Boulevard, and so much more. For those experiencing their first Sin City Super Bowl, it will set the bar at a whole new level.

Final Thoughts

As the data shows, scoring a seat inside Allegiant Stadium for Super Bowl 58 on February 9, 2024 will not come cheaply. Fans will need to shell out over $10,000 even for the worst views just to say they attended the record-setting event.

Yet despite the sky-high costs, unprecedented demand persists from diehard NFL fans as well as celebrities and entertainers. The allure of being part of the first ever Las Vegas Super Bowl coupled with a potential Chiefs-49ers rematch pits this as perhaps the most hyped Big Game ever.

For the lucky thousands able to secure coveted tickets, they will witness Super Bowl history unfold and have memories that last a lifetime. As prices indicate no signs of slowing growth into 2025 and beyond, the $12,000 average ticket this year could even seem bargain-priced before long.


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