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5 tips to be an Effective woman in workplace

Why do some women make it really big? Some don’t, simply because the ones that don’t big ones who sit back and think, who to blame  for their failures. The ones who make it big are the ones who know that they alone are responsible for their success and they alone can make it.

In this we will see about how to grow your business using some basic fundamental. Most of you have immense talent but are not able to nurture it in the right direction. To get right results to establish and scale your business coming to the basic fundamentals

be an Effective woman in workplace


It is immensely important that you set the vision right for your business. Once you have the vision and place the goal setting should be done right. But at the same time it is extremely important to remember that we need to get started.

Sometimes what happens is in all this journey of setting a vision and goal, we get into so much of analysis and paralysis, that they actually, keep on delaying the procedure of getting started.

Getting started on the journey is extremely important. We can keep on, you know, contemplation to perfect the movement for us, but there will never be a perfect moment. We will learn along the way.

For instance some people are good in what they decided, to make themselves perfect they will learn more and kept on thinking of other various courses and things. While some or all sides just dreamed of their dream and did not embark on the journey, they kept falling, getting up, and falling. Now that your goal setting is in place and started on the journey,


The next important thing for you is Marketing and Lead generation. Be assured if you are scared of criticism, don’t do anything interesting in here, because people are bound to criticize you when you get started. At that moment it is most important for you to have believe yourself.

If your product and service is great and you believe in it and you know why you have needed. Don’t be apologetic that your business is for today continue on the journey of continuously marketing your products and reaching out to the right audience and generating your leads. Marketing at this span for you should not be just boosting about your product. It should be actually serving your real audience.


The Third fundamental is sales. Now what more to say about sales, sales is actually the bloodline. It is the only thing that is actually going to get revenge into your business and everything is going to flow the revenue out of your business. A lot of us shy away from doing sales.

We can look at every other aspect of the business and not do sales, but that is never, ever going to get us anywhere. So it is significant that sooner we get over the phobia of sale and take the sales in our own hands. Actually monitor our sales on a very regular level when we are doing a constant monitoring of our sales revenues. That is when exactly we are going to have the right grip of our business in our hands.

Sales will become a natural process when you have chosen the tight business idea. It is important that when you are setting up and establishing a business idea that you do not end up doing another something which everybody else is doing and you get it to the race.

It’s very important to identify a problem and then give a solution to that problem and then you actually bring your sales around this one principle. The sales will just come naturally as a very, very natural process in your business. It is not something that you will have to actually run after something or chase something.


The fourth fundamental is delegation. It is a key role in any business when as a proprietor or as a small business. A lot of times we try and do manage everything on our own, but it’s very important to actually outsource it maybe to outside agencies, if we cannot hire people in our own team. At a certain point, we are attempting to demonstrate our ability to grow and scale our business.

Outsourcing these critical services to freelancers or anyone who can actually assist you is the right thing to do. During that time when we try and do everything on our own sooner or later because we can’t expertise in every aspect of the business, be a designing.

Be marketing or your lead generation and sales and then managing finances. So then it comes down to everything in your own hands then it is overwhelming. You actually start to fade out and you start to fizzle out up, to actually concentrate on the most important aspect in which you have strong yourself.

You should try and concentrate on those aspects and other aspects. You should just go outsources because you also have to understand that you have to maintain and run the show. So if you try to do everything on your own, it is actually going to get you into more trouble than actually do any good for you.

Businesses when they’re initially taking off and when they’re initially starting, they often face a lot of and that is understandable most of the time our energy gets sucked into just managing your finances. Financial management, planning, and all of these things will take place at this time. Your bravery will be your most valuable asset at this point.

It’s not actually performing in the absence of yours. Its performing despite fears and everybody at any level they may rise to in their life. They are to deal with some kind of fear, and those who can deal with and overcome these fears are the ones who make it happen somewhere in their lives.

Courage is something, actually like a muscle. When you go to the gym, you are gaining muscular mass. So courage is something you develop over time as you continue to make bold decisions and increase your courage. This alone is going to be the most valuable asset on your entire journey of doing your business.

Upgrading your skills

The final fundamental is upgrading your skills, Proprietorship is a long journey we all understand that we are ourselves trying to motivate us or trying to imagine new ideas. Create a vision and actually live on that vision. Along with this journey one thing that’s very important for us is that we need to keep on upskilling ourselves. We need to continuously join communities to upgrade our skills.

This is something that is going to make us more innovative is in our thinking. This is actually something going to get us many, course rolling on the journey which we have started. What is important is not the result and failure is not the outcome. Failure is just simply not trying.

How to Communicate Better at Work and Boost Confidence (Effective communication in the workplace)

be an Effective woman in workplace

Continuing, we will also talk about five steps to improve communication and boost confidence in working women by nature. Most women are self-doubting they’re always looking for somebody’s validation for somebody to tell us that what you have done is right.

As a woman you know if you do something even 10 times better than a man we are still looking for somebody’s approval to say that yes you’re good whereas a man would himself be confident in it. This is something that we can consciously overcome we need to work on our own unique strengths. As a woman the strength of multitasking it is it comes just naturally to women.

Problem solving abilities the immense amount of patients that we have so we have to be true to our own cells and not be pretentious or try to be somebody else. As far as communication goes we have to learn to communicate and practice to communicate in the language in which we are most comfortable. Moving forward I am going to be discussing with you five core principles of communication and these are not some short-term tactics for you.


listening is the key has anyone ever told you the most. Important part of communication is not, speaking it’s listening, it’s absorbing what the other person is saying. Once my friend came to me she is a team leader in her company and she was struggling because she felt that nobody in her team was really listening to her.

I sat down and heard her deeply in a short while we were able to recognize the problem. The problem was that she threw herself even before listening to other people she threw her point of view. After listening to her we addressed the problem area and thereafter she was able to develop a very strong bond with her team.

So what do we learn from this experience we learn that listening to somebody patiently is the key here. When we listen to somebody we absorb their perspective and then are able to thoughtfully develop our reaction.

Diagnose before prescribing

It is actually born out of the first principle it just goes a step further. It is about listening, analyzing and winning the authority to provide solution. Let’s imagine you go to an optician and you’re going to tell the optician that you’ve been struggling with a headache for a past couple of days. Even before you are able to finish this the optician quickly opens his drawer and pulls out a pair of glasses and hands it over to you.

So these glasses have helped me for over 10 years and they have done a wonderful job with me. So i am sure they should definitely be able to help you as well put on these glasses and tell me how you are feeling now. As soon as you put on those glasses because the optician is compulsively telling you to do so, neither your headache has any improvement.

Obviously you are not able to see better are you ever in your life going to return to such an optician again. Now where did the core problem lie he didn’t listen to you, didn’t do any analysis of the situation, didn’t do any tests for you and straight jumped to a prescription.

Now coming back to life situations whenever there is any problem situation it is no different from this situation. Whenever anybody comes to you with a problem you need to first listen to the problem then analyze the situation that is with all the facts all the proven documents with all the matter that you can gather around.

A lot of people are habitual to not deep diving into the situation but they would just shallow swim just take an overlook of the situation and then just jump to conclusions. No, you have to deep dive and actually win the authority to be able to provide solutions for that problem whenever.

You would actually go to the root cause of the problem and provide the solution that is going to be the lasting solution. It will eliminate the problem at its source, so it is critical to diagnose the problem before prescribing.

Victims vocabulary versus A leader’s language

his is actually a very deep principle and this is something that we need to embed within us. It is not going to happen just like that you need a conscious effort and a regular practice to achieve it. For Example, In a team there is two different members. One  who always had a victim’s vocabulary and another one who always used a leader’s language.

Simultaneously, the one who responses would usually be like I cannot do this it’s impossible no one has ever done this before. Contrary another one would responses always be like I can do this I will try it we need to find some creative solutions to be able to do this. We need to understand this and we need to be extremely conscious about this.

Start practicing the leaders language in our daily or language it is going to bring about very positive change in us. It is going to take us a long way in winning a positive attitude and always being able to find a solution to our problems.

Win-win communication principle

There are various aspects to the core principle of this, which is a win-win communication principle. The first is that one person has a habit of always winning an argument, which means that no matter how much he disregards, disrespects, or goes to any length to win that argument, he will always win. At that particular moment, do you think at large by just winning an argument ?

Does somebody really win more often than less such a person would always end up losing? Either a valuable relationship or a contract or a deal or even the trust is large. When you’re only thinking about your win it is a very subjective kind of a situation where you don’t really end up winning. There is a windows kind of the situation when you want to win at any cost but you always and also want to ensure that the other person loses.

So he would do something good for himself, but he would also do something that would harm the other person. Now in this situation also it is just keeping your ego level high satisfying. Your own egos and ensuring that you make the other person lose this again is not a winning kind of a personality. It is not going to make you win in the long term life.

There is a losing kind of situation like for instance I would talk about another type of person here. They was such a people that would always pretend to lose even in their common circle just to make other people feel good. They would always under demand their self just be okay with whatever.

Anybody would throw at them whatever or anybody would say anything. It would be dismissive or disrespectful, but as long as they were able to please the people around them, they would be perfectly content and okay with everything. Do you think such a person is going to win any kind of respect or any kind of a commonality? For them in the long run just to give the other people a pleasure of a false win.

You’re losing erroneously, you’ll never be able to win, and then there’s the lose-lose position, where you believe you’ll never be able to win. You have already lost the battle in your own mind but at the same time you start preparing that the other person also loses.

Now you’re not practicing or working towards winning yourself but you are working to ensure that as in when you lose the other person should also lose.

Better of all these is a win-win situation where you hold the matter with dignity and integrity and you have the best for yourself and the other person at heart and you intend that both of you will able to see the result. For such, your communication has to be at a much mature level and both the parties have to understand a win-win situation or no deal at all.

Come to a win-win solution or you both agree to disagree respectfully and you part ways this is the best kind of situation. Either you are able to arrive at a win-win communication where both people feel that they have got a justified result or you both shake hands and part ways as friends.


Empathy and compassion are your biggest stress

The Fifth core principle your empathy and compassion are your biggest stress. They actually lay the foundation for all other principles when you listen to somebody with empathy and compassion you are sure to arrive at the best solutions.

So what is most important here is to analytically understand that all this even your entire team and out of that. Especially like even your service team, if you want to ever get down to doing the work they are doing for you. You would really feel a heartfelt gratitude in what they are able to deliver for you and the kind of support they bring to you and they become to you.

So it is very important to actually acknowledge and listen to each and every member in your team because you can never become a winning person by just walking alone. To take everybody along you have to have a winning communication.

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